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The effect of the remedy Apiphytostimulin on some physiological, biochemical and productive indices in periparturient goats and their offspring

Author: Donica Veronica
Degree:doctor of biology
Speciality: 03.00.13 - Human and animal physiology
Scientific adviser: Ştefan Ţurcanu
doctor habilitat, professor, Agrarian State University of Moldova
Institution: Agrarian State University of Moldova


The thesis was presented on the 20 October, 2015
Approved by NCAA on the 22 December, 2015


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CZU 636.39:612.015.3

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168 pages


Apiphytostimulin-25%, goats, clinical status, proteins, carbohydrates, enzymes, immunoglobulins, body mass, milk.


Structure of the thesis work: introduction, four chapters, general conclusions and recommendations, bibliography of 198 titles and 9 annexes, 117 pages of basic text, 21 tables, 78 figures, 9 formules. The results of the research are published in 12 scientific articles.

Field of research: 165.01 - Human and animal physiology.

Goal of the research consists in the physiological analysis of the biostimulating action of the remedy Apiphytostimulin-25% on periparturient goats and their offspring. Objectives of the study: to determine the experimental optimal dose of product and to study the action of Apiphytostimulin - 25% on indices of clinical status of the pregnant goats and their offspring; to analyze the influence of the preparation Apiphytostimulin -25% upon the evolution of hematopoiesis in the periparturient goats and their offspring; to determine the action of coordination compound Apiphytostimulin - 25% upon the protein, carbohydrate and mineral metabolism; to study the impact of the preparation Apiphytostimulin -25% upon the content of some ferments in the body of pregnant goats and their offspring; to investigate the influence of the preparation upon the condition of the natural resistance, upon the cell and humoral immunity; to determine the effect of the product on bioproductivity indices of the goats and their offspring and to establish the economic effect.

Scientific novelty and originality.For the first time it has been proved that the product Apiphytostimulin -25%, as a result of its administration to the pregnant goats, has produced stimulatory effects by influencing the hematopoiesis, thus resulting in the raise in the immune status not only of the goats, but also of their offspring, and in the stimulation of the lymphopoiesis, normalization of the mineral, protein and carbohydrate exchange, contributing to the increase of the bioproductivity indices in goats.

The solved scientific problem consists in the substantiation of the effectiveness of the preparation Apiphytostimulin -25% that has led to the optimization of the physiological, hematological, biochemical, productive and economic indices in raising goats, which allowed us to determine its biological effectiveness.

Theoretical significance. The acquired theoretical base can be applied at the elaboration of new drugs based on apiphytopreparations, as well as at the study of possibilities of using the respective product in treating other diseases.

Applicative value: there have been developed and applied in individual goat raising farms recommendations of how to use the preparation Apiphytostimulin -25% with the goal to stimulate the Hematopoiesis and the immunity of the goats, as well as to raise the resistance and the weight of the offspring. Implementation of scientific results. The results of the study have been implemented in the education process of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and the Faculty of Zootechnics and Biotechnology of the State Agrarian University of Moldova and at the goat raising farms from the Codreanca and Gradiste villages of the Straseni and Cimislia districts.