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Combating soils erosion of reception basin “Negrea” in the hilly region of the Middle Prut

Author: Cojocaru Olesea
Degree:doctor of biology
Speciality: 03.00.27 - Soil science
Scientific adviser: Valerian Cerbari
doctor habilitat, professor, Institute of Pedology and Agrochemistry "N. Dimo"
Institution: Institute of Pedology and Agrochemistry "N. Dimo"


The thesis was presented on the 29 December, 2015
Approved by NCAA on the 25 February, 2016


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CZU 631.4:631.44

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168 pages


chernozem, erosion, dehumification, compaction, erodability, plantage


Work consists of introduction, four chapters, conclusions and recommendations. Includes bibliography of 139 appointments, 6 annexes (with 15 tables and 7 figures), 117 of basic text pages, 32 figures, 56 tables. Obtained results are published in 11 scientific papers.

Field of study: pedology.

The purpose and objectives of research. Purpose of the research consists in highlighting the genetic peculiarities, evaluation of changes characteristics and appreciation of evolution of soils under the influence of natural and anthropic factors for the elaboration the system of measures for the protection, improvement and sustainable land use in the territory of reception basin in the hilly region of the Middle Prut. For the accomplish that purpose have been achieved the following objectives: detailed study of the soil cover at the scale of 1: 5000; generalization and statistical processing of results; drawing up of soil maps, of erodability and erosion danger; appreciation modification of the characteristics of soils, recommendation complex of measures for diminishing negative consequences.

Scientific novelty and originality. With scientific priority have been highlighted peculiarities and modification of the characteristics of soils that contribute to the appreciation the direction of contemporary evolution of the soil cover under the synergistic influence of natural and anthropic factors.

Important scientific problem solved in the domain. It was established particularity formation and evolution of the soil cover in the reception basin typical hilly area of the Middle Prut and determined main indexes based on which and it was elaborated complex of measures erosion control, including: organization of hydrological and antierosion control of the land; cultivation of agricultural crops in alternative strips; implementation of antierosional crop rotations with the participation predominantly sowing densely crops.

The theoretical significance. It has been demonstrated the close connection between the characteristics of soils, their erodability and intensity of erosion processes and accumulation in depressions of pedolit washed from the slopes.

Applicative value of the work. The complex of measures developed based on the detailed pedological research materials ensures leakage reduction, losses of soil and diminishing the consequences of erosion processes.

Implementation of scientific results. The complex system of measures for stopping erosion and remediation of soils characteristics is implemented on lands of production agricultural cooperative “Mangservagro” from Negrea village, Hincesti district.