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Linguistic-cultural concept «юродивый» in Russian language picture of the world

Author: Dolgov Veaceslav
Degree:doctor of philology
Speciality: 10.02.03 - Slavonic Languages (with specification of language)
Scientific adviser: Larisa Borta
doctor habilitat, professor, Alecu Russo Balty State University
Institution: Alecu Russo Balty State University


The thesis was presented on the 29 January, 2016
Approved by NCAA on the 21 April, 2016


Adobe PDF document0.56 Mb / in russian
Adobe PDF document0.57 Mb / in romanian


CZU 811.161.1'1(043.3)

Adobe PDF document 2.05 Mb / in russian
136 pages


concept «юродивый»; Russian language picture of the world; linguistic-cultural type of «юродивый»; ethnological aspect of the concept; historical and etymological aspect of the concept; concepts aspect of the concept; value aspect of the concept; perceptually-shaped aspect of facial features; synchrony; diachrony; discourse


Area of research: Humanitarian sciences (russian language); the work is done in line with cognitive and conceptual studies.

Publications on the topic of the thesis: 22 scientific works.

Structure: introduction, four chapters, general conclusions and recommendations, bibliography of 191 names, 121 pages of main text.

Objective: to clarify the content of the concept of the Fool and identification of it’s functioning in the Russian language picture of the world.

Goals: to describe extra linguistic factors of formation and development of the phenomenon of the Fool; to identify motivational and conceptual features that make the content of the nuclear zone whacky concept; to describe the axiological component concept the Fool; to describe an axiological component of whacky concept; to explore aspects of the content of the peripheral area of the test concept; to analyze perceptual-shaped aspect of the implementation of the Fool character on the material of hagiographic discourse.

Scientific novelty: the study attempted to comprehensive multidimensional analysis and description of the national specificity of conceptual, value and perceptual-shaped signs «юродивый» concept, characteristics of its linguistic realizations in different discourses.

The scientific problem solved in the study is a generalization and systematization of signs whacky concept, clarification of its content and the originality of the language implementation in various discourses.

Theoretical significance is determined by the possibility of using the results obtained while describing of other concepts, united by hyperconcept saint.

The practical significance lies in the fact that the materials of this work can be used in the development of general and specific courses, individual lectures on the specifics of the language as the objectification of the test the concept and features of its realization in Russian writers penmanship.

Implementation of scientific results accomplished in scientific publications and teaching activities.