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The impact of polyparasitism and antiparasite’s therapies on posstvaccination immunegenesis of cattle

Author: Oleg Chihai
Degree:doctor of biology
Speciality: 03.00.19 - Parasitology, helminthology
Scientific adviser: Dumitru Erhan
doctor habilitat, professor, Institute of Zoology
Scientific council:


The thesis was presented on the 17 November, 2005
Approved by NCAA on the 22 December, 2005


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polyparasitism, lymphocyte, antigen, antibody, phagocytosis, immunity, vaccine


Parasitofauna studied on a sample composed by 1532 cattle from different places of R.Moldova we have established a high level of EI with Strongylloidus papillosus 57%, Fasciola hepatica – 28%, Dicrocelium lanceolatum – 37,5%, Eimeria spp. – 73%, E, granulosus larvae – 69,3% and Paramphistomum sp. – 23%, but EI mixte – 93,8%.

To the cattle, the polyparasitism in the post-vaccination period increase the null lymphocytes’ level with 3,4% and TS – 8,4% but the antibodies level diminishes with a difficit immunity to 72%.

The treatment with Brovitacoccid and Tilozine to the immuniged cattle, in the post-vaccination period increases the null lymphocytes’s level with 23,4% and TS with 9,6% but the antibodies’level deminishes with 69%. The desinfestation with Brovitacoccid, Avomec, Tilozina to the vaccination cattle, post-therapy, the null lymphocytes’level increases with 38,2% and TS with 20% but the antibodies’level is built with an defficit immunity of 82% (P<0,01). After the therapy with Brovitacoccid, Moldbendazol 2,5% and Tilozina to the yang cattle the null lymphocytes’level increases with 21,4% and TS – 3,9%, while the antibodies’level diminishes with 72% (P<0,01).

Cattle treated with Brovitacoccid, Rombendazol 10%, Tilozina and immunied posttherapeuticaly, suffer, an increase of the null lymphocytes level with 26,6% and TS – 11% but the anibodies diminishes with 73,6% (P<0,01). In the result of cattle immunisatione after the treatment with Levamisol, Brovitacoccid and Tilozina, increases the level of the total lymphocytes with 1,9%, B- 0,84%, T- 1%, the activity of fagocytosis – 7,2% and the index of the phagocytosis 6%, but the antibodies’level dimishes with 28,9% (P<0,01). The cattle desinfestation with Brovitacoccid, Avomec and Tilozina in association with T-activin and post-therapeuticaly immuniged challenges the increase of the null lymphocytes with 13,2% and TS with 2,4% but the antibodies’level diminishes with 16,1% (P<0,01). The immunogenesis after the complex therapy with Brovitacoccid, Moldbendazol 2,5% and Tilozine in association with T-activin, postterapeutic, devolues with. The increase of the level of lymphocytes T with 4% and Th – 1,2%. The antibodies level diminishes with 10% (P<0,01). To the complex treated cattle with Brovitacoccid, Rombendazol 10%, Tilozina in association with T-activin and post-therapeucaly vaccinated, the quantity of the total-lymphocytes increases with 4,9%, null – 2,1%, T – 2,7%, Th with 1,8% but the antibodies increase with 2,6% (P<0,01).