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CNAA / Theses / 2006 / June /

The Research of Term System in the Subjekt Sphere of "Finances"

Author: Sofia Sulac
Degree:doctor of philology
Speciality: 10.02.19 - General Linguistics (with specification: Sociolinguistics, Psychological, Structural, Contrastive Typological, Mathematical, Computational Linguistics)
Scientific adviser: Valentin Cijacovschi
doctor habilitat, professor, Moldova State University
Scientific council:


The thesis was presented on the 30 June, 2006
Approved by NCAA on the 21 December, 2006


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affixation, borrowing, codification, codified dictionary, derivation, field, forcasting, headline, hierarchy, lexical semantic field, lexis vocabulary, linguistic automatic, linguistic unit, machine translation, application, mechanical translation, microfield, rheme, semantics, semantic space, subjectfield, subtopic, thesaurus, thesaurus- net method, thesaurus dictionary, termfield, term making, term, terminology topic, term system, word-bulding


This work is dedicated to description of the research and development of the lexical semantical term system (LSTS) in the subject sphere of „Finances“.

Terms, terminology, term creation, term system development as well as their structural semantical pecularities are always studied by linguists. But in spite of a large number of researches and, probably, because of variety of aspects, terminology of different fields has been studied in different ways. Term systems related to production are described rather deeper than those of the humanities, especially on the base of newspaper vocabulary. This made us choose our theme „The Research of Term System in the Subjekt Sphere of „Finances“.

Taking into consideration that the language is a means of semantical organisation and passing knowledge, we set a task to create the LSTS which would help translators to process some information and would allow them to manage special terminology, and we have created it. On the whole, this system in the subject sphere of „ Finances“ is a complex two-sided sign, the structure of which is the same on the profound level. Therefore creatio of the LSTS is realised in the following way: first, the profound of the system, i.e.term field (TF) is created by the means of thesaurus net method; then by means of semantical statistical methods words and word combinations, creating a term system and including TF, thereby presenting an expressive level of the LSTS, are chosen.

Lack of differential approach to finance notions often causes translation problems, when misrepresentation of the translated text general content takes place, as a word or word combination mistaken for terms, or the wrong way, a term created as a result of cutting of word meaning, not perceived by translators, is constantly interpreted. We came to the conclusion that a term has one meaning in the text, has no synonyms and connotation and then it is possible to speak about accurate translation of an appropriate term. It occupies definite place in a field, i.e. belongs to determined lexical semantical system and excludes polysemy. Given suggestions are the source material for further research. They could be used for scientific and study goals for promotion further extension and development of translation theory and practice.