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The role of rheological processes in the calculation of retaining structures constructed on landslide-prone slopes of Moldova

Author: Ceban Oleg
Degree:doctor of engineering
Speciality: 05.23.05 - Building Materials and Elements of Construction
Scientific adviser: Vladimir Polcanov
doctor, associate professor (docent)
Institution: Technical University of Moldova


The thesis was presented on the 19 October, 2018
Approved by NCAA on the 25 January, 2019


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176 pages


landslides, landslide pressure, retaining structures, methods of calculation, rheology, rheological processes, creep, slope stability


Specialty: 211.02 – Building materials, design and construction Thesis structure: introduction, four chapters, conclusions and recommendat ions, bibliography (170 sources). The contents are described in the 137 pages of the main text; It contains 12 tables (without applicat ion), 62 drawings, 4 applicat ions. The study is published in 10 scient ific papers.

Area of the research: landslide and landslide-prone slopes of the Republic of Moldova.

Aim of the research: to develop methodology for assessing the long-term stability of landslideprone slopes and landslide pressure determination taking into account the rheological processes.

Objectives identification of the main purpose of the study and focus on: the study of the mechanism of deformation development in the studied slopes, the possibility of manifestation of creep deformation and as a result, reducing strength of the Sarmatian clays; studying accounting principles of the rheological properties of soils in determining the pressure on the retaining structures; assessment of the stress state of slopes by numerical calculation methods.

Scientific novelty and originality: consist in improving the scientific argumentation and the treatment of the rheological processes in the calculation of retaining structures, constructed at landslide-prone slopes of the Republic of Moldova.

The importance of the scientific problem, is solving in the framework of the research and developing a methodology for assessing the long-term stability of landslide-prone slopes and determining landslide pressure on the retaining structures, taking into account the rheological processes developing in the interior the Sarmatian clays of Moldova.

Theoretical significance and applicative value of the thesis is to improve the methods of calculation of retaining structures, constructed at landslide-prone slopes. The results expand the scientific knowledge and practical implementation of the sustainability of retaining structures and protected objects located in potentially dangerous (landslide) slopes, also determine ways to improve the effectiveness of measures to combat landslides.

Implementation of the scientific results was accomplished by the use of the developed method for the design of anti landsliding measures on 3 construction sites during the building process on sliding slopes.