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Marketing strategies in sports journalism.

Author: Ghena I. Cristian-Nicolae
Degree:doctor of
Speciality: 10.01.10 - Journalism and Communication Sciences
Scientific adviser: Mihail Lescu
doctor, Moldova State University
Institution: Moldova State University


The thesis was presented on the 18 April, 2019
Approved by NCAA on the 9 July, 2019


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CZU 070:79:339:13

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217 pages


sports journalism, marketing, branding, sponsorship, strategy marketing, public relations, communication, sports information, marketing policies, sports information consumer


The PhD thesis in Communication Sciences. Specialization 571.01 – Journalism and media-processes.

Structure.The thesis contains introduction, three chapters, general conclusions and recommendations, bibliography consisting of 158 titles, 152 pages of main text, 34 tables, four figures, 7 formulas and 22 appendices. The results of the studies performed by the author are reflected in 12 scientific papers, with the total volume of 4.0 author’s sheets.

Field of study.Communication Sciences The goal and objectives of the thesis. The goal is to unveil the connection between sports journalism and specific marketing techniques, used in market economy. The objectives of the paper are to reveal how to apply the marketing strategies in sports journalism in order to make the sports media activity more efficient in economic and social terms. Another objective of the research is the argumentation of the role of sports journalism in promoting sports using marketing strategies.

Novelty of the thesis. The thesis has an innovation character and is the unique national level study of application of marketing strategies in sports journalism. Scientific novelty and originality of the work consist of: - research and application of theories, methods and strategies for the implementation of marketing in sports journalism (complex investigation of consumer preferences, correlation between sports journalism and attraction of sponsors, use of branding); - identifying appropriate policies for attracting the audience to the sports journalistic product through marketing techniques and strategies (researching the consumer's sports information preferences, linking sport journalism activity to attracting sponsorships for national sports federations in the context of achieving remarkable results in international competitions, studying the history of sports journalism and its contribution to the development of sports in Romania, the Republic of Moldova, other countries).

The important scientific solution found. This thesis is aimed to scientifically consolidate relations between marketing and sports journalism and develop conceptual theoretical models, to lead to the clarification for theorists and practitioners of sports journalism of some important theoretical and practical aspects in implementation of marketing strategies in sports journalism.

The theoretical significance. The research of sports journalism in the Republic of Moldova and Romania, from a theoretical perspective, provides both sports journalists and scientific researchers with a new tool for approaching the reality and value of sports journalism in a social, economic, political, cultural and educational context.

Applied value of the thesis consists in a approach from new perspective in studying of these interdependent areas from, but also by the case study included in the content, which use specific marketing techniques and approaches in the field of sports journalism.

Implementation of scientific results. The research materials were used in the university education process to teach the courses of "Sports Marketing", "Public Relations" and "Sports Journalism", in the professional development of sports journalists, in the elaboration of working procedures for sports journalists and national sports federations.