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Medical rehabilitation of patients with knee osteoarthritis in relation to their functional disability

Author: Vizdoagă Anatolie
Degree:doctor of medicine
Speciality: 14.00.34 - Balneology and Physiotherapy
Scientific adviser: Oleg Pascal
doctor habilitat, professor, Nicolae Testemitanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy of the Republic of Moldova
Institution: Nicolae Testemitanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy of the Republic of Moldova


The thesis was presented on the 22 December, 2021
Approved by NCAA on the 1 July, 2022


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CZU 616.728.3-007.248-085.8(043.2)

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123 pages


knee osteoarthritis (OA), medical rehabilitation, physiotherapy, manual therapy techniques


The thesis is presented on 123 electronic text pages and includes: introduction, 4 chapters, conclusions and practical recommendations, bibliography with 122 literary sources. The thesis is illustrated with 19 tables, 27 figures, 7 annexes. The obtained results were published in 25 scientific works, 2 innovator certificates.

The purpose of the paper was to determine the effectiveness of the combined medical rehabilitation program (physical therapy and gentle manual therapy techniques), depending on the functional disability of patients with knee OA, to optimize the management and improve their quality of life.

Research objectives: 1. Particularization of clinical-functional manifestations and changes in joint biomechanics in patients with knee OA. 2. Evaluation of joint functional disability by clinical instruments in knee OA. 3. Assessment of the effectiveness of the combined physiotherapy program on joint functionality and pain intensity. 4. Estimating the role of the combined medical rehabilitation program on quality of life in patients with knee OA.

Scientific novelty and originality: From the positions of an analytical study, the effectiveness of the combined medical rehabilitation program was evaluated, which contributed to the selection of optimal combinations according to the degree of functional disability in patients with OA.

The important scientific problem solved in the thesis. The study evaluated the effectiveness of the combined with manual therapy and conventional medical rehabilitation treatment with the elaboration of the scheme of an integrated approach of the patient with OA by the rehabilitation doctor.

The theoretical significance of the paper. By highlighting the clinical-evolutionary features of the disease and the change in joint biomechanics present in the context of OA as a chronic, progressive disease, the study contributed to the formation of new vision in the complex approach to medical rehabilitation of patients with OA in Moldova.

The applicative value of the paper. The results of scientific research have allowed the implementation in patients with osteoarthritis of a complex rehabilitation program with specific elements of manual therapy, in relation to functional disability, designed to maintain joint function and improve the quality of patient’s life.

Implementation of results. The research results were implemented in the training process at the Department of Medical Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine and in the daily practice of the University Rehabilitation Center of USMF "Nicolae Testemitanu".