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The argumentation of pharmaceutical supply system of Army Forces of Republic of Moldova

Author: Emilian Bernaz
Degree:doctor of pharmacy
Speciality: 15.00.01 - Pharmacy
Scientific adviser: Vasile (decedat) Procopişin
doctor habilitat, professor, State University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Nicolae Testemitanu"
Scientific consultant: Vasile Dumitraş
doctor, associate professor (docent), State University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Nicolae Testemitanu"
Scientific council:


The thesis was presented on the 31 October, 2007
Approved by NCAA on the 20 December, 2007


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CZU 615.014:338.24.021.8

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170 pages


pharmaceutical, military, army, armed forces, war, conflict, disasters, medical, sanitary loses, victim, trauma, gravity, supply, medicine, medical material, necessity, norms, system


The actuality of the theme consists in the necessity of optimization and adaptation of the pharmaceutical National Army system to the new conditions of the development of the market economy and international integration process of The Republic of Moldova in Europe Community.

The aim of the investigation consists in improvement of the existing system, insuring with the drugs and medical equipment system of military unites and institutions of the National Army in peace and war time, and also for the injured in extreme situations, caused by natural, tehnogenical and social cadastres. There have been elaborated and harmonized the normative acts that regulate the activity of military pharmaceutical service with pharmaceutical legislation of The Republic of Moldova.

For the first time according to the position of the theory of system scientific studies of pharmaceutical system of the National Army were provided. There has been elaborated and determined the notion and the localization of pharmaceutical system in the military medical service. It was motivated, composed and offered the principal supply scheme of military unites and institutions with drugs and medical means in peace and war time, and in extreme situations. Also the pharmaceutical supply principles and methods have been designated.

Based on the investigation of sanitary losses during wars and military local conflicts of the XX-XXI centuries, and in extreme situations challenged by natural, tehnogenical and social disasters a big similar injure has been discovered in accordance to the anatomical localization and their gravity, that served as an argumentation for the elaboration of the same standard supply reserves of drugs and medical equipments for medical assistance injured personnel in those cases.

There has been elaborated and suggested the method of the determination of the necessary quantity of drugs and medical equipment for setting up the required reserves for medical assistance injured caused by extreme situations. Based on this method and on the data from medical files of consummation of drugs for the treatment of the injured in the Nistru regional military conflict in 1992, and those of the traumatological patients with similar anatomical trauma and level of gravity treatment in peace time in the National Practical and Scientific Centre of Urgent Medical Assistance, the necessity in drugs and medical equipment for urgent medical assistance for 100 injured, and for the qualification and specialized medical assistance for 1000 injured was determined.

The elaboration and implementation of the normative acts regulation the pharmaceutical military service based on the republican legislative lows and normative acts of the pharmaceutical ministry of Health system influenced the optimization of the pharmaceutical military activity of the National Army in the new market economy development and in the evolution integration process of The Republic of Moldova in European Community.