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International cooperation strategies of the food agriculture sector of Romania

Author: Cristina – Antoaneta Ciungu
Degree:doctor of economics
Speciality: 08.00.14 - World Economy; International Economic Relations
Scientific adviser: Boris Chistruga
doctor habilitat, professor, Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova


The thesis was presented on the 28 March, 2008
Approved by NCAA on the 19 June, 2008


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CZU 338.43: 336.144 (498+478)(043.2)=135.1 C55

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153 pages


agricultural potential, economical growth, adhering, capital, financial resources, price, strategically objective, agricultural structures, subsidization, agriculture, management system, management of the agricultural exploring, economical relations, demand, offer, progress/growth, prognosis, production process, productivity, market economy, efficiency, unit price, extensive use intensive use, technologies, profitableness


Due to the society’s actual development conditions, it is ascertained that the agro alimentary sector as a component of the national economy is one of the most important because the life’s quality depends mostly on its working level.

Thus, the management structures from agriculture and alimentary industry is constantly asserting a major attention in order to elaborate some politics which can assure better conditions to the agricultural and industrial procedures for accomplishing agro alimentary products of better quality and in such quantities which can wholly assure the population’s consume needs.

The studies made by the author firstly relieve the role of the decisions in his leading and coordination agro alimentary activity and, also the role of specialists’ competences in the management development. It requires the researchers’ newest results.

An important role for the durable development and its approach to the European structure in the rural system is taken by the different programmes of external financing. The passing to the market economy implicates the re-establishment of the main market institutions among which that of goods and value market.

The aim of this thesis consists of the prominence of the author’s calculation results and the statistics data from the official documents concerning the coordination of the agricultural production, the development of agricultural programmes in terms of integration and economical globalization.

The author’s investigations followed the accomplishment of this purpose, establishing the main directions in which the agriculture and the agro alimentary products will head to and, also the commerce with these products and their integration on the external market with these products. The structure of this thesis is determined by the objectives and the tasks of this work and it consists of 4 chapters, each chapter being divided in more paragraphs in which the most important aspects of the work theme are presented.

Chapter 1 – Chapter 1 – The methodological frame regarding the international cooperation of the agroalimentary sector presents the most important trends and concepts regarding the specific of the activities from the Romanian and Moldavian agro alimentary sector; moreover the European tendencies concerning the development of this sector, its role in the other economical sectors’ development. It is also presented the fact that, the development level of the agro agricultural sector from these two countries, depends mostly on the integration process with the economies of the western countries, which are extremely complex and with major consequences for the involved countries.

Chapter 2 – The diagnosis of the actual state of the economical and financial agro alimentary sector. The particularities of the agriculture in the present state are analyzed. Moreover, the strategic objectives of durable development of the Romanian and Moldavian agriculture, their forms and ways of the agriculture financing are in the spot. Some of the author’s considerations concerning the restructuring and the valorization in this sector have also been reveled.

Chapter 3 – The perspectives of the development of the Romanian and the Moldavian agro alimentary sector under the European Union influence. The management strategies of financing this sector are approached here. Moreover, the politics in the quality domain concerning some agricultural branches; the policy of the job market and ways of attracting foreign capital and its use are approached as well.

Chapter 4 – The efficiency of the management strategies in the breadstuff field in Oltenia. Some characteristics of the Vel Pitar Society from Tg.-Jiu (Romanian)are presented in this chapter.