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CNAA / Theses / 2008 / May /

Strategii de marketing în dezvoltarea şi promovarea ecoturismului în Republica Moldova

Author: Diana Roşca
Degree:doctor of economics
Speciality: 08.00.06 - Marketing; Logistics
Scientific adviser: Elena Turcova
doctor habilitat, professor, Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova
Scientific council:


The thesis was presented on the 17 May, 2008
Approved by NCAA on the 19 June, 2008


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CZU 339.138:338.48(478) (043) 338.48 (478):339.138(043)

Adobe PDF document 2.86 Mb / in romanian
175 pages


ecotourism, natural areas, protected areas, national park, marketing, ecomarketing, marketing strategies, strategic goals, tourism product, ecotourism product, inbound tourism, tourism offer, ecotourism destination, sustainable development.


The paper is dedicated to the foundation of marketing strategies in order to develop and promote ecotourism in the Republic of Moldova.

The theoretical study and practical investigations allowed the author to interpret theoretically the concept of ecotourism as a form of tourism with important contributions to sustainable development. There were determined the specific features of the ecotourism product as an object of the marketing activity. There was studied the diversity of marketing strategies aimed at the tourism activity’s effectiveness. There was worked out a model concerning the marketing strategic planning of ecotourism as an activity field, at enterpriser level and national economy level.

There was studied the international experience within the scope of managing and developing ecotourism. There was analyzed the legal framework concerning the ecotourism development in the Republic of Moldova. As a result of theoretical and practical research there was evaluated the present-day situation of ecotourism development in the Northern Region of the Republic of Moldova, as well as the development potential of ecotourism, which relies on the promotional extent of the ecotourism products and on the ecotourism consumption’s trends. With that end in view there was carried out a practical study of the integration tendencies of ecotourism product in inbound tourism offers of travel agencies of the Republic of Moldova. There was highlighted the main shortcomings and opportunities of ecotourism in the Republic of Moldova.

There was proposed an ecotourism product for the “Pădurea Domnească” Natural Scientific Reserve destination. There were developed and proposed marketing actions to manage ecotourism within the framework of the natural reserve mentioned above. There were proposed certain strategic ways of developing and promoting ecotourism at national level according to the sustainable development’s principles and policy of the Republic of Moldova.