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Culiuc Leonid, doctor habilitat, professorCuliuc Leonid, doctor habilitat, professor

Institution:Institute of Applied Physics, Academy of Sciences of Moldova
Adviser Number:18 December, 2013, nr.1900
Specialties: 01.04.18 - Crystallography and crystallophysics
05.27.01 - Solid State Electronics, Microelectronics and Nanoelectronics

Approved theses [3]

Dg Title Specialty Institution Role Approval date
D Characterization of non-centrosymmetric Semiconductors and Insulators ZnO, BaSrTiO3, CuIn5Se8, CuGa5Se8, CuGa3Se5, CuInGaSe2 by Optical Second Harmonic Generation Method 01.04.10 Institute of Applied Phys... adviser 18.12.2013
D Optical processes of α-ZnAl2S4 spinel-type single crystals doped with transition metal ions 01.04.10 Institute of Applied Phys... adviser 22.12.2011
D Radiative Recombination Processes in Transition Metal Disulfide Crystals 2H-WS2 and 2H-MoS2 01.04.10 adviser 27.04.2006