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Vlad Pavel, doctor habilitat, professorVlad Pavel, doctor habilitat, professor

Institution:Institute of Chemistry, Academy of Sciences of Moldova
Adviser Number:5 July, 2012, nr.1698
Specialties: 02.00.10 - Bioorganic chemistry; chemistry of natural and physiological active compounds

Approved theses [4]

Dg Title Specialty Institution Role Approval date
DH Structural and stereoselective synthesis of drimanic and norlabdanic compounds 02.00.10 Institute of Chemistry, A... consultant 15.11.2012
D Development of methods of the synthesis of tetra- and pentanorlabdanic compounds having practical importance 02.00.10 Institute of Chemistry, A... adviser 09.10.2012
D Superacidic cyclization of specifically functionalized aliphatic terpenoids 02.00.10 adviser 20.12.2007
D Synthesis of polyfuncţional drimanic sesquiterpenoids from labdane diterpenoids larixol and sclareol 02.00.10 adviser 20.12.2007