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Theses – Biology, 2018

Elaborated theses [9]

Gr Title Approval date
DH Biological potential of Solanum lycopersicum L. genofond and its improving by breeding of valuable characters 11.05.2018
06.01.05 - Breeding and Seed Production
D Subfamily Rosoideae in the flora of Bessarabia (taxonomy, bioecology, chorology, phytogeography) 11.05.2018
03.00.05 - Botany
DH Alexandrov Eugeniu 11.05.2018
06.01.05 - Breeding and Seed Production
D Identification and evaluation of potential genes involved in cardiovascular diseases 11.05.2018
03.00.15 - Genetics
D Ecological features of the introduced black walnut (Juglans nigra L.) In forest plant communities of the Middle and Lower Dniester 11.05.2018
03.00.16 - Ecology
D Novel indigenous strains of Streptococcus thermophilus and their use in the dairy products manufacturing 23.11.2018
03.00.23 - Biotechnology
D Technology for obtaining of β-glucans from yeasts 23.11.2018
03.00.23 - Biotechnology
D The influence of gibberellins on the microsporogenesis at sunflower (Helianthus annus L.)" 23.11.2018
03.00.15 - Genetics
D The potential of protection of the natural components of river Ceresnovaț basin 23.11.2018
03.00.16 - Ecology