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Theses – Biology, 2019

Elaborated theses [6]

Gr Title Approval date
D Assessment of the ecological impact of auto transport on vegetal components in the urban ecosystem Chisinau 25.01.2019
03.00.16 - Ecology
D Morphobiology and micropropagation of thornless blackberry cultivars in the Republic of Moldova 09.07.2019
03.00.05 - Botany
D The manifestation of the vital potential and the content of free amino acids in the blood of rats depending on ration and age 09.07.2019
03.00.13 - Human and animal physiology
D The Retrospective and Prognosis of the Flora and Vegetation Fluctuations in the State Natural Reserve “Pădurea Domnească” 09.07.2019
03.00.05 - Botany
D The biosynthetic properties of Streptomyces fradiae CNMN-Ac-11 and the physiological effects of biomass on the organism of homoioterm animals (rats) 09.07.2019
03.00.07 - Microbiology
DH The molecular-genetic features of the neuro-muscular pathologies frequently encountered in the Republic of Moldova 06.12.2019
03.00.15 - Genetics