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Theses – Institute of Zoology of the ASM

Under consideration [4]

Dg Title Domain Defence date
D Migration of nutritive elements and their role in the ecosystems of the Dniester River and the Prut Riverbiology 23.12.2016
03.00.18 - Hydrobiology, ichthyology
D Planktonic algae in the monitoring of river and lake ecosystem statusbiology 23.12.2016
03.00.18 - Hydrobiology, ichthyology
D Diversity and role of macrophyte in the ecosystem of Cuciurgan reservoirbiology 26.12.2016
03.00.18 - Hydrobiology, ichthyology
D Assessment of the impact of the Thermal Power Plant on the ecological status of Cuciurgan cooling reservoirbiology 26.12.2016
03.00.16 - Ecology

Under consideration of the National Council [1]

Dg Title Domain Defence date
D Ticks (Ixodidae) of the lower Dniester river: diversity, phenology, and epizootological importancebiology 01.01.2007
03.00.08 - Zoology