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The management of the adherence educational prior university process in Romania to the exigency of European Union

Author: Ciungu Petre
Degree:doctor of economics
Speciality: 08.00.05 - Economy and Management (in branch)
Scientific adviser: Nicolae Ţâu
doctor habilitat, professor, Free International University of Moldova


The thesis was presented on the 28 November, 2008
Approved by NCAA on the 22 January, 2009


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CZU 373 : 005 (498 + 4 ) (043.2 ) =135.1 C55

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management, educational management, management based on knowledge’s, managerial competences, society of knowledge, human agent, instruction and education, educational organization, organizational culture, leadership, partnership, anticipation capacity, price, quality, projection, institutional strategy, strategically product, action plan, SWOT analysis


In present conditions of society development it is ascertain intensely that the main argument of economy development is constituted by knowledge, the only source of real power, from now on will be the demand of new knowledge. In this way, in this society of knowledge, people should learn before they come in the work market formation stage than through continued formation accustomed their selves to sub- systems of permanent education.

It is very clear which place is occupied by learning in this context and the management establishments role played by the pre-university education as well as the way in which the school and its leadership are involved in transformation of up-to-date society.

Studies undertaken by the author, point out the priority of decisions role in leadership activity and they belong to schools management competence consequently in managers preparation of pre-university education and not only that but also the application of the brand-new results from the science domain from the teachers experience and so on, etc.

Concerning the achievements in adherence of educational pre-university process of Romania to European Union exactingness it is necessary the preparation of performance teaching staff as well as students preparation, the pre-university educational graduates students and the grown-ups ones, as they could be capable to solve society problems in conditions of market competitive economy.

Each stage of education is accomplished by a unitary is accomplished by ă unitary outlook of perfection and formation of teaching process for rising up the education level of high school graduates and the professional as well as the technical education in all respects.

Using the strategic management at the level of educational establishment allow the adaptation of organization at fast changes of the environment, their anticipation or even their generation.

The purpose of this thesis consist in elaboration of organization means concern the pre-university educational leadership in integration conditions and economy globalization.

The author investigation has in view the achievement of this, purpose establishing the shaping essence of educational organization of managers their roles to organize and leadership in educational institutions develop relations with community about the work market request, in conditions of developing a market economy, the reasoning proposals in a world practice foundation concerning the organization forms and the content of education training of young and adults people from Romania in present day conditions.

The thesis structure it is outlined with the tasks and objectives of the paper and contain three chapters each of them being divided in much more paragraphs in which are exposed the most important aspects of the paper theme.