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Particularităţile constituirii şi problemele dezvoltării întreprinderilor micului business în Republica Moldova

Author: Vinogradova Natalia
Degree:doctor of economics
Speciality: 08.00.05 - Economy and Management (in branch)
Scientific adviser: Eugen Hrişcev
doctor habilitat, professor, Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova
Scientific council:


The thesis was presented on the 3 April, 2009
Approved by NCAA on the 18 June, 2009


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136 pages


small business, small enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises, entrepreneurship, entrepreneur, micro-multinationals, globalization, euroregion, cross-border cooperation, competitiveness, cluster


The present thesis is dedicated to the research of small entrepreneurship, peculiarities and problems of its formation in the Republic of Moldova and elaboration of the development directions of it, which are perspective for the republic.

The concept “entrepreneurship” and its evolution are examined in the paper; theoretical and practical approaches to small enterprise’s definition are analysed; qualitative and quantitative components of contribution of small and medium-sized enterprises in the market economy countries are studied; the specificity of small entrepreneurship in conditions of the transition economy is revealed.

The rise of small entrepreneurship in the Republic of Moldova coincided with starting of the market reforms along with the deep economic crisis. This caused a range of the problems of small and medium-sized as a special sector of economy on a macrolevel and as single enterprises on a microlevel. The analysis of small enterprises’ activity in Moldova demonstrates that small enterprises operate with low productivity, are mainly engaged in trade and rendering services, are distributed over territory of the republic non-uniformly – that is their potential is not entirely realized.

On the basis of analysis of small and medium-sized enterprises sector’s contribution to foreign countries’ economy, the main trends and forms of small business’ development in conditions of globalization were revealed, which may be adapted to Moldova. Thus, the following directions of the small and medium-sized enterprises sector’s development may become the perspective ones: the cooperation with large enterprises; the branch clusterization; the expansion of external economic activity, including that on the basis of the cross-border cooperation; the widespread use of information technologies, etc.

The results of the research allow formulating of some recommendations with regard to stimulation of certain directions of small entrepreneurship’s development, which are to contribute to strengthening of the Republic’s competitiveness