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CNAA / Theses / 2010 / May /

Memorial Themes in the Creation of the Composers of the Republic of Moldova (Instrumental Music)

Author: Siganova Olga
Degree:doctor of history and Theory of Arts, Cultorology
Speciality: 17.00.01 - Audio-visual Arts (with specification: Theatrical Art; Musical Art; Cinematography, TV and other form of Audio-Visual Arts)
Scientific adviser: Irina Ciobanu-Suhomlin
doctor, professor, Academy of Music of the Theatre and Fine Arts
Institution: Academy of Music of the Theatre and Fine Arts
Scientific council: D 22-17.00.01-27.03.08
Institute of Cultural Heritage of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova


The thesis was presented on the 25 May, 2010
Approved by NCAA on the 5 July, 2010


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the works of the composers from the Republic of Moldova, memorial themes, music memorial, memory in music, music dedication, music contents, instrumental music, In memoriam, Hommage à, Tombeau, music monogram.


Work structure: introduction, four chapters, conclusions, 125 pages with basic text, bibliography literature from 166 sources, supplement including glossary, essays of arts, two schemes, list of compositions of the memorial themes by the composers of the Republic of Moldova, 58 note examples, and five illustrations. The materials of research are reflected in six scientific articles.

Area of researches. The research area is connected with studying of history of national music. Memorial themes in musical art are selected as the object of research. The works of memorial character of contemporary Moldavian composers have served as the materials of research.

The purpose and work problems. A research objective is to reveal and characterise displays of memorial subjects in the Moldavian music; to investigate the expressive means used in memorial works of composers of Republic of Moldova, leaning against scientific supervision in similar area of world musical culture. For achievement of this purpose have put following problems: to prove the basic methodological principles of the approach to the works of memorial subjects; to track background of modern musical memorials and to reveal their historical roots; to present the general panorama of the works concerning the given lexical set; to analyse from the specified positions the most indicative compositions of composers of Republic of Moldova.

Scientific novelty and originality. Scientific novelty of work is supported by the fact that the thesis presents itself the first special research devoted to problem of the memorial contents in music of the composers of the Republic of Moldova. The complex of the expressive means used by the Moldavian composers in memorial compositions for a symphonic orchestra and chamber-instrumental compositions is investigated. The compositions, written in genre of the symphonic poem are determined as the largest music memorials in the field of instrumental music of the composers from the Republic of Moldova. For the first time are entered into scientific use both published, and hand-written scores of compositions of the memorial subjects, being in personal archives of composers.

Theoretical value of work. The problem of the musical maintenance as a category of modern musicology is carried out in the thesis; and its refractions in the field of compositions of memorial subjects are studied.

Applied value of work. Research conclusions can be used for the didactical courses of musical literature, the analysis of musical forms and history of national music at all levels of music education in republic.

Realization of scientific results. Results of research are taken as a material for «The Musical Content» and «The History of National Music» training courses which the author teaches in the «A.G.Rubinstein» Higher Musical College from Tiraspol.