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Contemporary ceramics in the Republic of Moldova

Author: Lavrente Irina
Degree:doctor of history and Theory of Arts, Cultorology
Speciality: 17.00.04 - Visual Arts (with specification: Fine Art; Decorative Art; Applied Art)
Scientific adviser: Tudor Stăvilă
doctor habilitat, professor, Technical University of Moldova
Institution: Institute of Cultural Heritage of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova
Scientific council: D 22-17.00.04-27.03.08
Institute of Cultural Heritage of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova


The thesis was presented on the 15 April, 2011
Approved by NCAA on the 8 July, 2011


Adobe PDF document0.29 Mb / in romanian


artistic ceramics, plastic artists, ceramists, modern ceramics, traditional ceramics, media arts, decorative vessels


The thesis includes an introduction, three chapters, conclusions and recommendations, a bibliography with 265 titles, 1 annex, a total volume of 159 pages, 93 figures. The results obtained have been published in 8 scientific papers.

Field of Study: 17.00.04 – Visual Arts. Applied, decorative, fine arts.

Aims of the investigation: The study of the formation and evolution of artistic ceramics in the Republic of Moldova and the introduction to mainstream research of the artistic ceramists, main workshops and production centers in Moldova.

Means of research: – cataloguing of fine artists, schools, camps and events related to ceramics in the republic;
– the classification and description of ceramics works in the country’s cultural heritage;
– the study of artistic means used to create ceramics objects on the territories between Prut and Nistru;
– a comparative analysis of trends, styles and traditions in artistic ceramics;
– an identification of the influence of prehistoric and medieval ceramics on contemporary Moldavian ceramics.

Scientific novelty and originality. Artistic ceramics in Moldova is a new art genre which formed during the second half of the 20th century. This scientific work is the first in-depth study of the formation and development of ceramics as an art form in Moldova. The study identifies the main periods in the development of ceramics and analyses them in the corresponding social and technological context. In addition, the main ceramist artists who laid the foundations and developed this art in Moldova are also studied. It was established that in the modern period, ceramics was extensively used in architecture. All this data was not gathered and analyzed until now and the present work contains new information and provides an analysis, and is therefore of utmost importance for the history of fine arts in Moldova.

Implementation of scientific results. The results of this research can be used by scientists and in teaching at specialized institutions in the republic.