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Development and scientific substantiation of tomato drying technology.

Author: Cernîşev Serghei
Degree:doctor of engineering
Speciality: 05.18.01 - Technology of food products (with specification of products and procedures)
Scientific adviser: Galina Şleagun
doctor, associate professor (docent), Practical Scientific Institute of Horticulture and Food Technology
Institution: Practical Scientific Institute of Horticulture and Food Technology
Scientific council: D 31-05.18.01-27.03.08
Technical University of Moldova


The thesis was presented on the 13 October, 2011
Approved by NCAA on the 22 December, 2011


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Adobe PDF document0.45 Mb / in russian


The thesis consists of of the following parts: Introduction, 5 Chapters, General Conclusions, List of references from 159 bibliographic sources, 4 Annexes, and contains 126 pages, including 107 pages of the main text, 32 figures, 15 tables.

The results were published in 16 scientific papers.

Research area: food technology, drying technology.

The aim of the Thesis: to develop and substantiate technology for convective drying of tomatoes, ensuring minimal development of the browning reactions with obtaining a high quality product.

Thesis objectives: to study the heat and mass transfer during drying of tomatoes in function of the technological parameters of the drying agent and the product characteristics; to study the dynamics of physicochemical and organoleptic quality indicators of tomato during drying under different conditions; to study the effect of Maillard reaction on the dried tomatoes quality; to develop an optimal process for tomato convective drying, to study of microbiological stability and the chemical changes kinetics of the dried tomatoes composition during storage; to determine shelf life of dried tomatoes, the develop the technological scheme for the production of dried tomatoes and canned products based on them.

Scientific novelty of the results and their theoretical value: it was firstly established the heat and mass transfer dynamics during convective drying of tomatoes which was described satisfactorily by Rebinder number; it was established that the main changes in the quality of tomatoes during drying and storage are caused by formation of coloured Maillard reaction products; an optimal tomato drying process was developed, realized by gradual reduction of the drying agent temperature and continuously monitoring of the product temperature; a method and mathematical model for determining approximate shelf life of dried tomatoes were developed based on analysis of the browning kinetics in the product. Innovative technical solutions are protected by two patents. The thesis solved the scientific and practical problem of obtaining high quality dried tomatoes, applying convective drying technology, which provides minimal development of non-enzymatic browning

Practical value of the Thesis: it was developed a technology for tomato convective drying, ensuring high product quality, which is possible to realize in industrial drying plants of a kind used in the Republic of Moldova; it was developed a composition and technological sc