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Bessarabian Poetry in the Late 1980s – Early 1990s of the twentieth Century (a Paradigm Shift

Author: Grigore Chiperi
Degree:doctor of philology
Speciality: 10.01.01 - Romanian Literature
Scientific adviser: Alexandru Burlacu
doctor habilitat, professor, Chisinau Pedagogical State University "Ion Creanga"
Institution: Institute of Philology
Scientific council: DH 19-10.01.01-27.03.08
Institute of Philology


The thesis was presented on the 26 August, 2011
Approved by NCAA on the 5 October, 2011


Adobe PDF document0.40 Mb / in romanian


paradigm, “optzecism” (period of the 1980s), artistic generation, postmodernism, textualism, poetic transition, poetic “I”, intra- and inter-textuality, spaectaculum mundi, ludic, overturned universe, etc.


Thesis structure: introduction, three chapters with conclusions, conclusions and general remarks, bibliography of 220 sources, 148 p. of basic text.

Thesis outcomes were reflected in six research papers.

Field of study: History of Romanian Literature.

The aim of this paper is to present a complex analysis of the new poetic paradigm emerged during the ending decades of the twentieth century, highlighting its peculiar characteristics, as well as contrasting it to the background of the existing poetic tradition.

The objectives of the present research are:

The scientific novelty and originality of the work consist in the advancement of Bessarabian poetry through an ad-hoc discourse. Of a special concern was the different attitude of the poetic “I” to the world and to the text.

The present study manages to define the synoptic features of the poetry produced during the ending decades of the twentieth century, this being the theoretical importance of the research.

The practical value of the work is determined by the impressive theoretical and factual material it presents and its integration in the course of Contemporary Romanian Literature.

Implementation of research results. The research results achieved through this study have been implemented at the course of History of Romanian Literature delivered at Tiraspol State University; they were included in a number of literary reviews published in Contrafort and other magazines.