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Efficiency of insurance in agriculture of Republic Moldova in the market economy conditions

Author: Aliona Bodiul
Degree:doctor of economics
Speciality: 08.00.05 - Economy and Management (in branch)
Scientific adviser: Ecaterina Barbaroş
doctor, associate professor (docent)
Scientific council:


The thesis was presented on the 16 September, 2005
Approved by NCAA on the 22 December, 2005


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underwriting, insurance, insurer, insured, insurance payments, coverage of insurance, self-insurance, insurance mutual, equity, occurrence, coinsurance, insurance contributes, accident comisar, original gross premium, cote of insurance, net original rate, insurable field, insurance compensation, estimate, insurance limit, insurance marketing, broker,rate of compensation, insuance object, insurance loss, insurance market, insurance police, insurance portfolio, investment potentional, net written premium, gross premium, reinsurance, risk of insurance, rate of return, insurable income, solvency, insured value, proceeds of insurance, the insurable interest, rezerve fund, stock, insurance fund


The dissertation is designed to discover the problems of insurance functioning in agricultural enterprises in Moldova, especially property insurance. This scientific work clearly outlines the essence of insurance and its functioning in the current economic conditions in different areas of agricultural production. The principles of government regulation in the insurance by means of legislation are well grounded. The necessity of modifications in some documents and legislative acts in the field of economic regulation is also shown here.

A big attention in this work is paid to the mechanism of insurance functioning in the market conditions. The determining aspects in practicing insurance are revealed. The role of insurance companies in accelerating processes of property insurance in agricultural enterprises and their influence on agricultural business development are precisely stated in this scientific research. The analysis of insurance experience in domestic and foreign agricultural enterprises and the synthesis of the ways to perfect the insurance process in the republic. The main directions of improving the efficiency of insurance in agriculture through the collaboration with state bodies and insurance companies are also described in this work.

The results of the current research will give the opportunity to agricultural enterprises to manage more rationally the processes of insurance, using it as a stabilizing factor in production processes with the purpose of raising the efficiency of activity in businesses and in some areas of agriculture.