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The impact of the physical effort upon the dynamics of functional state indexes of the sportsman swimmers body

Author: Deleu Inga
Degree:doctor of biology
Speciality: 03.00.13 - Human and animal physiology
Scientific adviser: Aurelia Crivoi
doctor habilitat, professor, Moldova State University
Institution: Moldova State University


The thesis was presented on the 28 April, 2015
Approved by NCAA on the 28 May, 2015


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sportsmen swimmers, physical effort, antropometric, veloergometer, pool, cardiobreathing indexes, biochemical indexes, complex testing of sportsmen swimmers, functional state, sportive performance.


Structure of the thesis work: the thesis consists of annotation, introduction, 4 chapters, conclusions and recommendations, bibliography, 142 text pages, 70 figures, 2 tables, 5 formules and 7 annexes. The results are published in 21 scientific works.

Key words: sportsmen swimmers, physical effort, antropometric, veloergometer, pool, cardiobreathing indexes, biochemical indexes, complex testing of sportsmen swimmers, functional state, sportive performance.

Domain of study: human and animal physiology.

Goals of the reseace consist in the experimental foundation and complex monitorization of sportsmen swimmers based on morpho-functional, physiological and biochemical indexes, so as to improve the efficiency of sportive activity and perfection of sportive training.

Objective of the thesis: 1.Generalization of the theoretical approach concerning the swimming impact upon the functional state of the sportsmen swimmers; 2. Accomplishment of morpho-functional test before and after physical trainning; 3. Determination and analysis of particularities of physiological indexes, in order to develop the performance of elite swimmers; 4. Identification of particularities of biochemical indexes at sportsmen swimmers; 5. Recomandations of some prophylactic physiological, biochemical norms during the training of the sportsmen swimmers with the aim of preventing pathologic states.

Scientific novation and originalityof the thesis consists of: Elaboration and implementation, in premiere of the complex model–algorithm for researching the functional state of the sportsmen swimmers ' body at sports schools in Chişinău district. Identification, for the first time, of the correlations between anthropometrical, physiological and biochemical indexes, as a result of the complex testing of the sportsmen swimmers' body. Also, for the first time it was estabilished a new approach of supporting sports training, that have been adjusted, based on the results obtained from the implementation of the complex model-algorithm for reseaching. Elucidation and recommendation of the proposals for the swimming trainers, in order to increase the efficiency of the trainings and the sportsmen performance.

Scientific problem solved in the domain of study consists in elaboration and testation of a complex model-algorithm for a complex research based on morpho-functional, physiological and biochemical indexes in order to increase the eficiency of physical trainning and develop sportive performance.

Theoretical significance consists of the obtained results, duet to a complex test of the functional state of the body at sportsmen swimmers completing fundamental knowledge concerning functional particularities in accordance with the antropometric, physiologic and biochemical indexes. The obtained data permit to establish some physiologic-biochemical models specific to swimming in the conditions of performing physical efforts, and also denote a multilateral appreciation of the test paramiters, in order to ameliorate the functional state of the body at sportsmen swimmers.

Applicative valueof the research consist of methodology utilization of the test applied after a complex model-algorithm elaborated by us, which includes the appreciation of some morpho-functional, physiological and biochemical indexes. After monitorization, in accordance with the obtained clinic picture, it is possible for physical education teachers to reflect and conduct correctly tue training process, having it´s aim to perfect the skills of the sportsmen swimmers. As a result of the carried on tests it is possible to point out differences from the norm of the examined indexes.

Implementation of scientific results: The results of the research were implemented in the swimming pool of the sportive school N8, Buiucani district, and also in swimming pool of the specialized school sports N11, Ciocana district, where the experiment was carried on. There were also implemented theoretical postulates at the State University from Moldova. The obtained results are destined to the trainers and physical education teachers for planification of the instructive-educational process as well as their practical implementation.