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CNAA / Theses / 2005 / June /

The development of credit relations on the agrarian sector of Republic of Moldova

Author: Elena Cirisău
Degree:doctor of economics
Speciality: 08.00.05 - Economy and Management (in branch)
Scientific adviser: Ecaterina Barbaroş
doctor, associate professor (docent)
Scientific council:


The thesis was presented on the 10 June, 2005
Approved by NCAA on the 22 September, 2005


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credit, credit relations, credit policy, credit activity, credit system, credit institutions, credit operations


The thesis is dedicated to the questions of theory and practice of the development of credit operations in agrarian sector both in Moldova and other countries of the world.

Here are argued the necessity of the credit relations development as well as the problems with come what come across the new instruments of credit.

Equally with this are exposed the available shortcomings in the domain (branch), are worked out the recommendations to eliminate the week points, are formulated the offers to improve the credit operations in the done sector of economy.

The reformation and consolidation of the credit system is one of the factors that can stimulate national economic growth. In this context, in the dissertations was carried out an ample analysis, as a whole, of the credit system of the Republic of Moldova. As a result were put into evidence problems and argued concrete proposals referring to its consolidation and sustainable development. As well, were remarked the possibilities of decentralization of the national credit system, through the diversification of the types of credit institutions and of financial products, both in urban and in rural areas, that would cover the financial necessities of all branches/spheres of the national economy.

In the thesis a strong emphasis is put on the problems and ways to improve the management of microfinance non-banking institutions from the Republic Moldova (especially, citizens' savings and loan associations) and their perspective of consolidation with the purpose to develop the rural sector. The research of the theoretical and practical concepts of the management in microfinance non-banking institutions, both from the Republic of Moldova and from abroad, made it possible to elaborate the model. The implementation of the given model contributes to adequate decision-making process on granting the credits and minimizing the risk in credit operations.