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Elaboration of the Technical Technological Production Complex of the Natural Coloring Matter of Anthocyanins based on Bar-Membrane Processes

Author: Viorel Caldare
Degree:doctor of engineering
Speciality: 05.18.07 - Technology of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks
Scientific adviser: Boris Găina
doctor habilitat, professor
Scientific consultant: Petru Parasca
doctor, associate professor (docent)
Institution: National Institute for Winegrowing and Winemaking


The thesis was presented on the 29 March, 2006
Approved by NCAA on the 29 June, 2006


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CZU 663,252:547,973

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106 pages


membrane, coloring matter, inverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, anthocyanins


The goal of the paper is to elaborate a new technology of anthocyanins coloring matter manufacturing using new procedures based on membranes, semipermeable.

The process of obtaining raw materials (the anthocyanins extract) was performed following the formula below: S

One of the stages in the technology of producing the coloring matter of anthocyanins is the process of solution concentration. To concentrate the anthocyanins coloring matter, a new method was used based on inverse osmoses of the membranes. In the research two types of inverse osmoses membranes were used: МГА-95, МГА-100.

The study of the inverse osmoses process allows us to state that to concentrate the coloring matter it is rational to use МГА-95 membranes of the type ЭРO with a selectivity (after NaCl) of 95%. The process of concentration should be performed in the semi-period regime. The initial coloring matter volume for one cycle of concentration should be sufficient so that the concentration of 10…12 times (depending on anthocyanins concentration in the initial coloring matter) to be performed during 6 h. The pressure at the surface of the membrane is sufficient to be from P 2-4 MPa. The coloring matter concentrate must be evacuated from the installation once it has reached the necessary concentration level (20…25 gr/dm3). The maximal possible concentration of anthocyans on osmos-invers membranes is 20-25 g/dm3 indifferently of basical anthocyans concentration in first coloring matter. Simultaneously, the concentrate from the installation should be substituted with an initial coloring matter. The obtained concentrate should be cooled off for the tartaric acid crystals sedimentation, acid which appeared as a result of coloring matter concentration 7 – 12 times.

There were elaborated the technologies of anthocyanins coloring matter production based on semipermeable membranes. For implementation in the production process, a technological instruction has been elaborated.