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The problems of business process reengineering in creation of efficient management system for enterprise

Author: Irina Dorogaia
Degree:doctor of economics
Speciality: 08.00.05 - Economy and Management (in branch)
Scientific adviser: Ludmila Bilaş
doctor, associate professor (docent), Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova
Scientific council:


The thesis was presented on the 14 April, 2006
Approved by NCAA on the 29 June, 2006


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CZU 658.

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177 pages


Reengineering, business reengineering, business process reengineering, business process, restructuring, redevelopment, organizational changes, reconstruction, privatization, team building, effective team profile , leadership,leader, leader style, just in time, quality, value chain, information corporate system, information technology , project, project team.


The present scientific research is dedicated to the elaboration of concept aspects of business process reengineering in the context of contemporary theories of organizational changes, to the determination of the main reengineering problems encountered by national enterprises today and also to the search of methods and models of revealed problems’ solution and justification of their use in the conditions of competition aggravation, dynamism of existing changes and globalization of economy. The study discloses the essence and characteristics of business process reengineering as an effective way of redeveloping of the main business process of enterprise and by this, n-fold increasing of the results of its activity as well as of satisfying of the basic requirement of reengineering and of the modern management and marketing concepts in order to win a customer by offering unique good or service.

Conducted research revealed the main problems of national enterprises going through present stage of development as well as the problems of carried earlier unsuccessful restructuring programs of national enterprises. It justified the conclusions on the need to form a project team with logically balanced group roles headed by the leader on the enterprises that undergo transformation. The particularities of different management models and methods application in the context of reengineering changes are also discussed. Significant attention is paid to the information technology application as a basis for reengineering conduction as well as to innovation and investment processes as background of the Republic of Moldova economic environment attraction.

The integrated approach to the management methods and models in the reengineering process proposed in the present scientific thesis could be applied in practice for the enterprises from different sphere or scale of business.

Recommendations of thesis’ author for the studied problems solution could be used during study guide, syllabus, text lectures elaboration as well as during seminars and trainings on the present theme in consulting system.