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Optimization of constructive and technological parameters of the facility for regulation of the microclimate in the poultry house

Author: Lohvinskaia Tatiana
Degree:doctor of engineering
Speciality: 05.20.02 - Electrification and Automation of Agriculture
Scientific adviser: Vladimir Serbin
doctor habilitat, professor, Agrarian State University of Moldova
Institution: Agrarian State University of Moldova


The thesis was presented on the 6 March, 2019
Approved by NCAA on the 19 April, 2019


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Adobe PDF document1.90 Mb / in russian


CZU 631.227.2:697.92

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161 pages


poultry house, microclimate, parameters, air exchange, installation, regulation, technological process, intensification, production, productivity


The dissertation consists of: introduction; Five chapters; Conclusions; Bibliography containing 203 sources, 17 applications; 121 pages of the main text; 42 tables and 90 figures. Based on the results of the research, 10 scientific publications have been published.

Purpose of the theses: Research and development of optimization of constructive and technological parameters of the installation for microclimate regulation providing favorable conditions for increasing the productivity and safety of poultry.

Objectives: Investigation of the effect of microclimate regimes in the poultry house on poultry productivity in the conditions of Kaliyuga Plus LLC, Dubossary. Development of mathematical model of heat transfer and moisture regime. Substantiation of microclimatic conditions of stationary heat transfer during air filtration and humidity regime in a poultry house. Development and implementation of a program and methodology for laboratory and production research to optimize the design and process parameters for regulating the microclimate in a poultry house. Implementation of the feasibility study for the use of technical and technological means for regulating the microclimate in the poultry house.

Solved scientific problem: It consists in determining the design parameters and operating modes of the installation for regulating the microclimate by forming the air environment of the poultryfarming room by means of perforated air ducts of variable cross-section, which reduce energy costs and improve the conditions of the birds.

Scientific novelty: Mathematical dependences are obtained, which allow optimizing the design and technological parameters of the installation for climate control. The thesis provides justification and proof that it is likely to obtain high quality products using the proposed ventilation system in the conditions.

Theoretical and applied value of the thesis consists of development and introduction of a system for climate control with air supply to the house by means of a perforated air duct of variable cross-section.