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Marian Grigore, doctor habilitat, professorMarian Grigore, doctor habilitat, professor

Institution:Agrarian State University of Moldova
Adviser Number:11 November, 2011, nr.1316
Specialties: 05.20.03 - Exploitation and Maintenance of Agricultural Machinery and Food Industry

Thesis under consideration [4]

Dg Title Specialty Institution Role Defence date
D Constructive and functional optimization of helical vertical axis wind rotors with the aim of increasing the wind energy conversion efficiency 05.02.08 Technical University of ... CSS member
Ciupercă Rodion
D The elimination of stick effect between metallic and non-metallic surfaces using graphite pellicles 05.03.01 Technical University of ... CSS president
Stoicev Petru
Topală Pavel
D Improving the methods used to calculate engineering fits of tribological couples renovated with heterogeneous materials 05.20.03 Agrarian State University... adviser 29.09.2022
D Improving the energy efficiency of equipment for primary milk processing using natural and artificial cold (for example in the northern region of Moldova) 05.20.02 Agrarian State University... CSS member
Volconovici Liviu

Approved theses [4]

Dg Title Specialty Institution Role Approval date
D Improve the quality of the solid biofuels in accordance to the policies for development of renewable energy sources 05.20.03 Agrarian State University... adviser 06.12.2019
D Technology of obtaining of ENPlus pellets from agricultural waste in the conditions of the Republic of Moldova 05.20.03 Agrarian State University... adviser 23.11.2018
D Increasing the availability and maintainability of couplings with clearance restored with polymer composite materials 05.20.03 Agrarian State University... consultant 16.02.2012
D Provision technological reliability details of the farm machinery restored with a polimeric compositional materials 05.20.03 adviser 19.04.2007