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The establishment of architecture of river city Tiraspol

Author: Tronciu Sergiu
Degree:doctor of architecture
Speciality: 18.00.02 - Architecture of Civil, Industrial and Agricultural Building; Architectural Technology
Scientific adviser: Tamara Nesterov
doctor, associate professor (docent), Institute of Cultural Heritage of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova
Institution: Technical University of Moldova


The thesis was presented on the 19 April, 2019
Approved by NCAA on the 9 July, 2019


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CZU 72:711.4.03(478-21)(043.3)

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280 pages


waterfront, urban settlement, aquatic artery, city-river binom, general plan, typomorphological aspects, urban development, ecclesiastical architecture, public buildings


The structure of the work: The research, set out on 142 pages of the main text, contains: introduction, 4 chapters, conclusions, a bibliography of 240 titles (total 280 pages). The results of the research were published in 13 scientific articles.

Field of study: 212.01. Architecture of buildings and edifices.

The aim of the work: is to develop the principles of formation of architecture to obtain the optimal model of sustainable development of the city, as well as to identify the architectural and urban planning evolution of the city in relation to the prime factor of the riverine location.

Research objectives: Determination of priority architectural parameters of the city of Tiraspol; the establishment of features of formation of a theoretical model of the city development with the selection of architectural and town planning stages; determination of the dependence of the formation of urban tissue from the regulatory requirements of territorial division by zones.

Scientific novelty and originality: of the work is a comprehensive study in the native scientific space of the evolution and specifics of the urban and architecture development of the city. The originality of the work is determined by the significant volume of materials, first introduced into scientific circulation for chronological systematization and diachronic evolution of architecture.

The scientific problem solved is the identification of the architectural-urban carcass and the functional zoning of the urban tissue in relation with priority of the river area. As a result, the analysis of urban tissue with proposals for the development of Tiraspol was outlined in accordance with the relationship between the city's housing and its main components - the architectural objectives and the natural environment.

The theoretical significance: is to solve the problem of the relationship between the urban body and the natural environment, important components in the formation of the architectural aspect of the river city. The results of the research can be implemented in the architectural and urban development of the riparian cities of the RM, related to the context of their natural environment.

The Implementation of scientific results: the results of studies can be used in the scientific research process. The work is a documentary base and methodological support for further research in the field of architecture, urban and civil construction. It can serve as an additional methodical source for studying of region architecture.

The applicative value: of the work is due to the application of research results in the development of general urban plan for the city of Tiraspol and the strategic plan for the development of related settlements, as well as in the construction of buildings in the river side of the city.