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CNAA / Theses / 2019 / May /

Vocal music of Richard Strauss through the interpretative art of Maria Cebotari

Author: Pilipețchi Serghei
Degree:doctor of history and Theory of Arts, Cultorology
Speciality: 17.00.01 - Audio-visual Arts (with specification: Theatrical Art; Musical Art; Cinematography, TV and other form of Audio-Visual Arts)
Scientific adviser: Svetlana Ţîrcunova
doctor, professor, Academy of Music of the Theatre and Fine Arts
Institution: Academy of Music of the Theatre and Fine Arts


The thesis was presented on the 21 May, 2019
Approved by NCAA on the 6 December, 2019


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CZU 782.1.071.2(478+436)782.1:781.68(430)

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196 pages


Maria Cebotari, Richard Strauss, history, Opera, Lied, repertoire, soprano, performing art, audio recording


ANNOTATION Serghei Pilipetchi. Vocal music of Richard Strauss through the interpretative art of Maria Cebotari. Thesis submitted in fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of Doctor of Fine Arts, field 653.01. – Musicology, Chișinău, 2018. The structure of the thesis: introduction, three chapters, conclusions and recommendations, bibliography comprising 275 references, 134 pages of main text, and 5 appendices consisting of 44 pages. Key words: Maria Cebotari, Richard Strauss, history, Opera, Lied, repertoire, soprano, performing art, audio recording. Research field: M. Cebotari’s vocal performances of Richard Strauss’ works for musical theater. The purpose and the goals of current research. The purpose — to identify the role and the personality of R. Strauss through the vocal performing art of M. Cebotari. The goals are: —to collect and classify the information about M. Cebotari’s personal and professional life; to describe the main phases of her life and career; to investigate personal and professional contacts between M. Cebotari and R. Strauss; to analyze the features of her performing style; to study her approach in performing Opera parts of German composers and compare with the performances of other Opera singers. The scientific novelty: this research provides for the first time a thorough analysis of the phenomenon of Maria Cebotari, it also classifies new information about the significance of vocal music of R. Strauss for M. Cebotari’s vocal performing art; current research offers records of personal and professional relationship between the singer and the composer: it provides a comparative analysis of M. Cebotari’s vocal performances of Strauss’ Operas aiming to identify the peculiar characteristics of her vocal performing style, as well as to provide a complete list of all performances made by M. Cebotari performing vocal music by Richard Strauss. The originality of current research is based on its historiographical and culturological approach. Solved scientific problem is achieved: by providing a complete depiction of the vocal performing art of M. Cebotari through the performance of R. Strauss` Operas, and by adding a significant contribution to the theoretical acknowledgment of her role as one of the greatest singers in the twentieth century who promoted classical music and has achieved her distinguished value and place within the western culture. Theoretical significance of the research: is achieved by its importance to the further scientific researches in this field and namely M. Cebotari`s vocal performing art, as it summarizes and classifies most of the currently known sources on this matter. This thesis aims to encourage further scientific researches in the field of vocal performance relationship, music education, and the musical art. Practical significance of the work. The results of current scientific research can be included in the courses of History of West-European Music and History of vocal performance. Practical recommendations could be useful for musicologists and researchers, as well as for music teachers, vocal teachers, and all musicians. The implementation of the scientific result. The content of current thesis has been widely presented within national and international scientific-practical conferences. The result of this thesis is published in 15 scientific papers.