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Improvement of technological elements of potato production in second crop

Author: Ilieva Irina
Degree:doctor of agriculture
Speciality: 06.01.09 - Plant Growing
Scientific adviser: Alexei Gumaniuc
doctor habilitat, associate professor (docent)
Scientific consultant: Constantin Dadu
doctor habilitat, professor, Practical Scientific Institute of Horticulture and Food Technology
Institution: Practical Scientific Institute of Horticulture and Food Technology


The thesis was presented on the 19 September, 2019
Approved by NCAA on the 6 December, 2019


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CZU 635.2:631.17:631.559

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149 pages


potato, second crop, varieties, degeneration, dormancy period, tubers treatment, term and density of planting, fertilization, irrigation, aphids, seed quality


The structure of the thesis: the thesis is written on 149 pages, includes introduction, 5 chapters, conclusions and practical recommendations, 26 tables, 15 figures, 3 formulas, 245 bibliography sources, 9 annexes. The results of the researches are published in 27 scientific papers.

The aim researches consist in the evaluation, improvement and scientific argumentation of seed and table potato production technology in second crop with high productivity, quality and economic efficiency adopted for local climate conditions of Republic Moldova.

The objectives or researches: 1) studying the influience of important biological factors on yield and quality of the potato seeds in second crop, evaluation and implementation of new high productivity varieties with good resistant against abiotical and biotical factors; 2) determination of quality of the planting material used for second crop, selecting of chemical reagents and determination of combination and concentration for breaking tubers dormancy of new harvest tubers; 3) planting time determination in dependence of variety and method of production, plant density, fertilizer rates, and methods of irrigation; 4) monitoring of aphids as a viruses diseases vectors in potato field, determination of degeneration degree of seed potato growed in the first and second crop; 5) scientificaly proved of seed and ware potato production in second crop whith new harvest and old tubers, creating of seed potato production schemes. Novelty and scientific originality. For the first time in Republic of Moldova where organized researches on potato production in the second crop, evaluated and selected varieties adapted for local condition and period of vegetation. It was proved the rol and importance of planting material quality, terms of harvest and planting in second crop. Were selected the chemical reagents determination of concentration and their combination for dormancy broken of new harvest tubers.

The solved scientific problem consists in improvement of technological elements of potato production in second crop: plant density, doses of fertilizer and method of application, method of irrigation. On the basis of the obtaned scientific dates were elaborated the schemes of seed and ware potato production in the second crop.

The theoretical value of the study consists in a specific reaction of potato varieties in dependence of the genotype and grupp of maturity in the first and second crop, on yield and seeds quality. Were identified the most efficient elements in potato production in second crop to reduce the negative presure of viruses diseases.

The practical value consistsin development of new technologies elements of biological and technological origin for seed and ware potato production in second crop, promotion of integral scheme of seed production.

Implementation of the scientific results. Obtained results have been implemented in agricultural farms SRL ”Sermal Com”, GȚ ”Colina Tabunschic” (Ștefan Vodă), GȚ ”Trandafir Boris”, AUA ”Puhăceni”, GȚ ”Petrov Dumitru Ilie” (Anenii Noi), SRL ”Gorobica Agro” (Criuleni), OOO ”Полюс”, ООО ”Фермер Плюс” (Slobozia), SRL ”Vatra Răzășească” (Ialoveni). Progressive implementation of the results led to annual decreasing of seed potato import from 2,5 tons to 400-600 ton, which create favorable condition for local seed potato production in sufficient quantities.