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The semantic field of the violin intonation issues in the context of the overall problems of the Moments Concerto for violin and symphony orchestra

Author: Ciobanu Ghenadie
Degree:doctor of history and Theory of Arts, Cultorology
Speciality: 17.00.01 - Audio-visual Arts (with specification: Theatrical Art; Musical Art; Cinematography, TV and other form of Audio-Visual Arts)
Scientific adviser: Victoria Melnic
doctor, professor, Academy of Music of the Theatre and Fine Arts
Institution: Academy of Music of the Theatre and Fine Arts


The thesis was presented on the 28 November, 2019
Approved by NCAA on the 28 February, 2020


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CZU [785.6:780.614.332]:781.62(043.3)785.6:780.614.332(478)

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92 pages


Concerto for violin and symphony orchestra Moments, Ghenadie Ciobanu, instrumental concerto, intonation, violin, programme music, monologue, dialogue


ANNOTATION Ciobanu Ghenadie. The semantic field of the violin intonation issues in the context of the overall problems of the Moments Concerto for violin and symphony orchestra. A thesis for Ph. D. degree in Arts, specialty 653.01 – Musicology, Chișinău, 2019. The thesis includes: introduction, 2 chapters, general conclusions and recommendations, bibliography with 193 titles, 72 basic text pages. Research materials are reflected in 8 scientific papers. Field of study: history of national music, history and theory of contemporary musical composition Goal and objectives of the study. The goal of the study is to identify new, unique solutions in the treatment of the concert genre for violin and orchestra considered first in the field of violin intonation which would allow the adequate realisation of the author’s conception thereby completing and enriching the national violin’s repertoire. The proposed objectives include: the composition of a new Concert for violin and orchestra that is intended to be an example of searching for a new universe of sound images, of new ways of sound embodiment of the contemporary world; the analysis of Moments Concert both from the aspect of the semantic valences of the instrumental concert genre, as well as from the point of view of contemporary musical processes; systematizing the ideas, problems, compositional techniques and procedures used by the composer. The scientific novelty and originality of this research are conditioned by the fact that the thesis represents a first attempt to theorize his own creation by a composer in a research project of such magnitude; it is the first work dedicated to the examination of the Concert for violin and orchestra Moments; for the first time in a doctoral thesis, the practical aspects that are materialized in the composition of the Moments Concert and the theoretical ones that are manifested by the musicological analysis of the score are united; the paper is based on a complex research combining several methods of investigation. The practical value of this work. The Moments Concerto for violin and orchestra is an important contribution by its author that has enriched and has diversified the national violinist repertoire. The content of this paper can be considered an effective support for further studies. Also, it can be recommended as additional informative material needed for violinists and conductors who intend to perform the Moments Concerto for violin and orchestra. It can also be used as an illustrative teaching material in the study of disciplines Musical composition, Contemporary compositional techniques, History of national music. The thesis materials can also be used in the activity of violin students and violin teachers from higher education institutions. Implementation of scientific results. The thesis was realized within The Arts Studies and Culturology Doctoral School from the Academy of Music, Theater and Fine Arts of the Republic of Moldova being repeatedly discussed in the sessions of the Guidance Commission. The thesis was recommended for defence by the Guidance Commission and by the Council of the Doctoral School. Research materials have been submitted for national and international scientific conferences and published in 8 scientific papers – 4 articles and 4 summaries.