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CNAA / Theses / 2020 / June /

Technologies for obtaining curative-prophylactic products from raw materials of native plant origin

Author: Carauș Vladimir
Degree:doctor of biology
Speciality: 03.00.23 - Biotechnology
Scientific adviser: Valeriu Rudic
doctor habilitat, professor, Institute of Microbiology and Biotechnology of the ASM


The thesis was presented on the 17 June, 2020
Approved by NCAA on the 30 October, 2020


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CZU 573.6 : 57.087

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187 pages


curative-prophylactic products, balsams, hydro - ethanolic extracts, macerates, antioxidant activity, biological activity, radio protective effect, aphrodisiac effect


The thesis consists of an introduction, 5 chapters, general conclusions and recommendations, bibliography from 215 titles, 6 appendices, 136 basic text pages, 29 figures, 28 tables. The results are reflected in 13 publications.

Purpose: elaboration of new technologies for obtaining products with curativeprophylactic properties - balms - based on the local vegetal raw material and highlighting their biological effects.

Objectives: To develop efficient procedures for extracting the active components from plant and cyanobacterial biomass using environmentally friendly technologies; Elaboration of formulas for new curative-prophylactic products based on plant extracts and cyanobacterial biomass; Elaboration of manufacturing technologies for new curative-prophylactic products; Highlighting biological effects of new curative-prophylactic products.

The novelty and originality of the scientific results: The efficiency of using the values of the antioxidant activity as a criterion for evaluating the curative-prophylactic performances of the products based on plant raw materials has been demonstrated. The cumulative / synergistic antioxidant effect of the new curative-prophylactic formulas, obtained from the plant extracts and spirulina and the pronounced biological effects of the new products have been demonstrated. 6 new formulas and technologies for obtaining curative-prophylactic products were developed. The novelty and originality of the obtained results is supported by 6 patents for new curativeprophylactic products, as well as four distinctions at international inventions salons offered for these innovations.

The obtained result that contributes to solving the important problem of obtaining products with curative - prophylactic properties, consists in the scientific basis of the use as a criterion of control of the efficiency of new products of their antioxidant capacity, whose application has led to the elaboration of formulas and technologies for the production of 6 new balsams with determined biological effects, intended for their use in the treatment and prevention of various diseases and pathological conditions.

Theoretical significance: New data have been accumulated that contribute to supplementing the knowledge about the antioxidant activity of the various extracts from plant biomass and about the synergistic effects in the multicomponent natural preparations, obtained from several plant sources. The utility of applying the criterion of antioxidant activity in the process of elaboration of curative - prophylactic products based on plant materials was theoretically substantiated.

Applicative value: The formulas and technologies of industrial production were developed for 6 new curative-prophylactic products based on plant extracts and spirulina with pronounced biological effects, without toxicity and adverse effects.

Implementation of the results: Technologies for the production of new balsams have been implemented at the company MAURT where experimental parties of the new balsams were produced. The results obtained were also implemented in the laboratory Food and sanocreatological digestion of the Institute of Physiology and Sanocreatology as elements of the nutrition in the elaboration of the new food systems.