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Influence of adsorbents on the productivity of young pigs

Author: Bivol Ludmila
Degree:doctor of agriculture
Speciality: 06.02.02 - Animal Nutrition and Fodders Technology
Scientific adviser: Larisa Caisîn
doctor habilitat, professor, Agrarian State University of Moldova
Institution: Agrarian State University of Moldova


The thesis was presented on the 23 October, 2020
Approved by NCAA on the 23 December, 2020


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CZU 636.4.087.7

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180 pages


nutrition, young pigs, productive performance, mycotoxins, adsorbents


Structure of the thesis: The thesis contains 112 pages of basic text, it is written in 5 parts and is structured according to the criteria in force. The first part of the thesis includes bibliographical references on the issue, the second part contains research material and methods and the third part - the obtained results, their discussion, conclusions and practical recommendations. The work includes 40 figures, 41 tables, 11 photos and is based on 255 bibliographic titles. The obtained results are published in 16 scientific works.

Purpose of the paper: to study and identify the decontaminant potential of some adsorbents in reducing the toxic effect of mycotoxins and to develop new nutritional solutions in order to improve the feed safety for the young pigs and for their productivity.

Objectives of the paper: elaboration of recipes of combined feeds containing detoxifying agents and their testing to establish the influence on the productive performances of the pig youth; evaluation of the impact of adsorbents on metabolism in young pigs and digestibility of nutrients in feed; validation of the results obtained under production conditions; assessing the relevance of the use of detoxifying feed additives in compound feeds on the economic efficiency and productivity of young pigs.

Scientific novelty and originality: consists in the complex investigation of the use of new adsorbent preparations and in establishing the efficiency of their supplementation in the diet of young pigs. The degree of influence on the productivity of pigs under risk conditions was determined, caused by the mycotoxins that contaminate the fodder of local origin confirmed by 2 patents.

The important scientific problem solved: consists in determining and establishing the optimal level of the introduction of adsorbents into feed used in feeding young pigs, as a method that leads to decontamination of feed to provide a positive effect in order to increase the productivity of pigs. Theoretical significance: new scientific results have been obtained regarding the efficiency of adsorbent use to improve the metabolic and productive qualities of the young pigs.

Applicative value of the work: is to establish the conditions and the optimal levels of mycotoxin adsorbents administration, the elaboration of new fodder recipes as well as the positive effects of adsorbents on the health and productivity of the young pigs.

Implementation of scientific results: as the result of carrying out investigations and according to the obtained data, methods and nuances for filling the mixed feed with adsorbents for swine were proposed. Methods of adsorbent substances use were approved at the Flor-Nuc individual breeding company from Gura Găinarului village, Floreşti region, RM. The results of the scientific researches were published in magazines, collections of symposiums, they have been discussed at the chair, faculty council meetings, scientific national and international conferences. There have obtained 12 gold medals, 3 silver medals and 2 bronze medal have been obtained, as well as diplomas and certificates of participation; the obtained practical recommendations were issued under the aegis of MAAI.