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Dendrometrical and auxological studies in the oak stands of the Rezerve “Codrii”

Author: Valeriu Caisîn
Degree:doctor of biology
Speciality: 03.00.05 - Botany
Scientific adviser: Ion Comanici
doctor habilitat, professor, Botanical Garden (Institute)
Scientific council:


The thesis was presented on the 22 December, 2006
Approved by NCAA on the 19 April, 2007


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CZU [630*487:582.632.2] :630*5

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178 pages


theoretical aspects, radial growth, increment, structure of wood, tree ring, oak, stand structure, dendrometrical parameters, stands volume, soft, climate, statistics, correlation, phenological observances


There have been studied the theoretical aspects of foundation of forming of growing up of trees. There was discovered that in the wooded species with a ringed – porous structure of wood such as the oak tree the growing up precedes the sap movement because the wood vessels from the preceding year are obturated with tiles and they cannot be used for sap movement. Two oak stands (Q.robur L) have been studied from the point of view of dendrometrical parameters and the growing up of these for different periods of time. The mathematical description of biological phenomena is more preferable than the oral description of these. The official methodology of determination of stands volume on the basis of «Сортиментныe таблицы для таксации леса на корню» has been studied. There was established that these tables allow the volume determination with a satisfactory accuracy for adult stands. The using of these tables for young stands may lead to the volume determination with errors that overrun + - 5%. In order to improve the volume determination methodology on the basis of the mentioned tables, there was elaborated a computer soft. The interior structure of the stands has been studied in order to emphasize the regulatory of stands’ organization, the distribution of tree numbers on the diameters, high and growing up categories.

This distribution is unlike the low of normal distribution, that is very important for determination of statistical and dendrometrical parameters of the stands. There has been studied the growing up of trees for short periods of time ( one vegetation season) and long periods (25 years). For growing up measurement with a periodicity of 10 days during the vegetation season 2001 there has been used the comparator auxometer, and the growing up for 25 years has been determined on the basis of increment core taken with the Presler borer. The utilization of new technologies of measurement the tree-ring width on the scanning basis of the samples has allowed a considerable improvement of the measurement precision. Comparing the growing measured with the comparator auxometer for the year 2001 and the breadth of the tree-ring from 2001 there has been found that the auxometer can be used for determination of growing in diameter for periods of 5-10 days with a precision of 10 microns. There has been found that between the growing of oak-stands and the precipitation amount there are stronger direct correlative relationships while between the growing and the air temperature the correlation is in most cases negative and inverse.