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Advanced technologies in biological wastewater treatment plants

Author: Vîrlan Vasili
Degree:doctor of engineering
Speciality: 05.23.04 - Water Supply, Sewerage System Construction, Water Resources Protection Systems
Scientific adviser: Dumitru Ungureanu
doctor, professor
Institution: Technical University of Moldova


The thesis was presented on the 24 September, 2021 at the meeting of the Scientific Council and now it is under consideration of the National Council.


Adobe PDF document1.38 Mb / in romanian
Adobe PDF document1.56 Mb / in english


CZU 628.32:004 (043.2)

Adobe PDF document 5.31 Mb / in romanian
155 pages


wastewater treatment, biological reactor, biological film, hydrodynamic regime, experimental treatment plant, plug flow water movement, fluidized packing material, hybrid treatment, tracer


The thesis comprises: abstract in romanian, russian and english, list of tables, list of figures, list of abbreviations, introduction, four chapters, general conclusions and recommendations, bibliography of 71 titles, 6 annexes, 122 pages of basic text, including 101 figures and 56 tables, the statement of liability, author CV. The research results were published in 11 scientific papers. Based on the results obtained, has been developed a patent.

Research field: 211.03 – Engineering networks in construction.

Aim of the thesis: obtaining a process and a modern installation for domestic and industrial with characteristics of pollutants close to those of the domestic wastewater treatment, obtaining a biological reactor with a small volume and with plug flow movement of the fluid with minimal excess sludge and low energy consumption.

Objectives: study of biological treatment methods, study of the composition of wastewater, study on the hydrodynamic regime in different bioreactors, elaboration of an experimental bioreactor and observance of the algorithm of scientific researches of domestic wastewater treatment with the help of solid support, obtaining positive results regarding the hydrodynamic regime and the quality of the treated wastewater in the experimental bioreactor.

Scientific novelty and originality: for the first one in the Republic of Moldova have been developed studies on the hydrodynamic regime of wastewater in the biological reactor. Obtaining the flow of wastewater - air in the biological reactor near the plug flow.

The solved scientific problem: it has been proposed to reduce the retention time (RTD) of wastewater in the hybrid biological reactor (MBBR). Through different experiments it has been shown that the dispersion of wastewater - air is very small and approaches the plug flow.

The theoretical significance: based on the experiments, new knowledge was obtained regarding the movement of wastewater-air in the hybrid biological treatment reactor (MBBR). Applicative value of the work: obtaining a high degree of wastewater treatment.

The implementation of scientific results: through the obtained results it was proposed the implementation of the Vavibloc type wastewater treatment plants for domestic and industrial wastewater. For this type of treatment plants (Vavibloc) was obtained sanitary opinion, ecological opinion and technical evaluation.