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The influence of pro-prebiotics on the digestibility and exchange of substances in young breeding pigs

Author: Grosu Natalia
Degree:doctor of agriculture
Speciality: 06.02.02 - Animal Nutrition and Fodders Technology
Scientific adviser: Vasile Vrancean
doctor, associate professor (docent), Agrarian State University of Moldova
Institution: Agrarian State University of Moldova


The thesis was presented on the 26 October, 2021
Approved by NCAA on the 22 December, 2021


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CZU 636.4.084.8

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233 pages


pro-prebiotics, bacteria, young pigs, digestibility, balance, substance exchange, microflora, slaughter, hematological analyzes


Structure of the thesis: the doctoral thesis is structured according to the requirements in force, it includes an introduction, 4 chapters that contain literature review, material and research methods, the research results and the synthesis of the approval results in production, conclusions and recommendations, bibliography (284 sources), 18 annexes, 52 tables and 50 figures, 125 basic text pages. The obtained results are published in 21 scientific papers.

Field of study: 421.02 Animal feeding and feed technology.

Purpose of the research: the study of the influence of pro-prebiotic preparations on digestibility, the exchange of nutrients and the productive performances in young breeding pigs.

The objectives of the research: to determine the optimal level of supplementation of pro-prebiotic preparations in the composition of the compound feeds intended for young breeding pigs through their productivity and the use of the nutrients; to establish the efficiency of the influence of the pro-prebiotic preparations in the composition of the intended combined foods on the digestibility and the exchange of substances; to identify the influence of supplementation of pro-prebiotic preparations on the intestinal microbiocenosis; to establish the impact of the optimal levels of the studied preparations on the morphological and biochemical parameters of the blood profile; to evaluate the effect of pro-prebiotic preparations on meat productivity in young breeding pigs; to interpret the feasibility and to justify the use of pro-prebiotics in the nutrition of young pigs.

Scientific novelty and originality: for the first time, in-depth research has been carried out in order to study the influence of pro-prebiotic preparations on the use, digestibility and exchange of nutrients in young breeding pigs under the conditions of the Republic of Moldova. The positive effect of the studied preparations on the growth and meat productivity dynamics of young breeding pigs, confirmed by the invention patents № 673 (13) Y, MD and № 1044 (13) Y, MD, was established.

The obtained results contribute to solving the problem of determining the effectiveness of supplementation of the pro-prebiotic preparations in the combined feed intended for young breeding pigs, which led to a better digestibility, exchange of nutrients and contributed to the increase of the growth intensity and to the expenses reduction per unit of production.

Theoretical significance consists in the extension and completion of the knowledge about the influence of the tested preparations on the digestibility, the exchange of nutrients and the productivity of young breeding pigs. Scientific research has identified additional reserves for increasing pig productivity on account of the use of new pro-prebiotic preparations Biomin® IMBO, PriMix Bionorm K, Vitacorm Bio, Vitacorm Bio Plus and Bilaxan.

The applicative value of the paper consists in the fact that it allows obtaining new information that enriches the knowledge about increasing the biological value of the combined feeds intended for young breeding pigs supplemented with pro-prebiotics that led to the increase of digestibility and the exchange of nutritious substances that have induced short growth period and the increase of the conditional income. The research results are used in the elaboration of practical recommendations for pig breeding companies and for special courses for students and masters of agricultural specialties. The research aims to stimulate and raise the interest of the studied problem, being the basis for future experiences in this direction.

Implementation of scientific results: The results of the scientific research were implemented in the pig breeding farms: "FOCAR-AGRO" SRL, Copceac village, Stefan Voda; „Bucovăţ” Ltd, Bucovăt village, Straseni and published in scientific journals and volumes of the Symposiums