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Contrastive study of English and Romanian education terminology

Author: Solovei Victoria
Degree:doctor of philology
Speciality: 10.02.04 - Germanic Languages (with specification of language)
Scientific adviser: Gabriela Şaganean
doctor, associate professor (docent), Moldova State University
Institution: Moldova State University


The thesis was presented on the 29 March, 2022
Approved by NCAA on the 1 July, 2022


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Adobe PDF document0.48 Mb / in english


CZU [811.111'276.6'25+811.135.1'276.6'25]:37.091(043.3)

Adobe PDF document 3.54 Mb / in romanian
230 pages


term, terminology, concept, specialized language, common language, procedure of term formation process, specialized translation, translation difficulty, translation techinique


Structure of the dissertation: introduction, three chapters, general conclusions and recommendations, 3 tables, 19 figures, bibliography of 189 sources, 3 appendices, 167 pages of body text, 3 appendices. The results of the research are published in 11 research works.

Purpose of research: complex investigation of English and Romanian education terminology from lexical-semantic and translational point of view.

Objectives of research: analysing the means of education terminology formation in English and Romanian; describing semantic phenomena typical of education terminology; identifying and classifying translation difficulties of education terms, from English into Romanian; establishing the impact of the English language on the Romanian language in the area of education terminology by qualitative and quantitative analysis of the applied translation techniques.

Scientific novelty and originality derive from the contrastive framework of structural, semantic and translational peculiarities of Romanian and English education terminology.

The solved scientific problem resides in determining the particularities of Romanian education terminology development by means of qualitative-descriptive and quantitative analysis of linguistic patterns used in the translation of terms from English into Romanian.

Theoretical significance: the study presents a model of contrastive analysis of lexical-semantic and translational apects of education terminology. It highlights the procedures of education term formation as well as morphological and lexical-semantic particularities of terms situated on the syntagmatic axis, both in the English and Romanian languages.

Applied value of research: exploration and inventory of a relevant number of education terms in English and Romanian, pointing out their semantic and discursive behaviour under the impact of translation. The studied factual material may be used in drawing up some glossaries that would enssure better international communication.

Implementation of scientific results: the results were disseminated in reports presented during national and international scientific conferences and were published in specialized journals and conference proceedings.