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Management of the organization of work in a sailing charter

Author: Florinel Coşerin
Degree:doctor of economics
Speciality: 08.00.05 - Economy and Management (in branch)
Scientific adviser: Oleg Buga
doctor habilitat, professor


The thesis was presented on the 1 February, 2007
Approved by NCAA on the 19 April, 2007


Adobe PDF document0.24 Mb / in romanian


CZU 658.012.4:629.5(043.2)135.1C73

Adobe PDF document 2.35 Mb / in romanian
271 pages


a sailing charter, the organization of work, profitability of a commercial marine sea fleet, the Sea Register, ergonomic requirements, technical management, the analysis of failures, the ergonomic list, requirements to a physical condition, mental sociological requirements


The dissertation is devoted to management of navigation, namely problems of the organization of work on a sailing charter. The purpose of work is scientific definition and a substantiation of methodical indications and practical recommendations concerning organizational management in a sailing charter.

In dissertational work the urgency of a theme of research is proved, the purposes, problems, a subject and object of research are determined, the brief characteristic of structure of work, its scientific novelty and value is given.

In work theoretical bases of the organization of work on a sailing charter are analysed, the basic problems of this branch in new modern conditions are revealed, and also evolution of development of a sailing charter in Romania is shown. In work ergonomic standards in designing and the organizations of work on courts are formulated.

The estimation and diagnostics of a condition and prospects of development of a sailing charter of Romania have been lead. The ergonomic list has been created and the professional qualities necessary for the correct organization of work of human resources by the ship are revealed. The ergonomic analysis of an environment and his{its} influence on the personnel has been lead.

Ways of perfection of specifications to the organizations of labour processes have been offered, and also duty regulations for a different level of management have been developed with the purpose of improvement of organizational structure of management by the ship.

Methodical positions and conclusions of dissertational work can be used by bodies of sea administration (ANR) by development of the program of development of navigation and preparation of the administrative personnel by sea transport.