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CNAA / Theses / 2022 / May /

Streamlining the management of the agricultural sector in the conditions of Industry 4.0

Author: Amarfii-Railean Nelli
Degree:doctor habilitat of economics
Speciality: 08.00.05 - Economy and Management (in branch)
Scientific consultant: Rodica Perciun
doctor habilitat, associate professor (docent)
Institution: National Institute For Economic Research


The thesis was presented on the 25 May, 2022
Approved by NCAA on the 1 July, 2022


Adobe PDF document1.08 Mb / in romanian


CZU 005.22:631

Adobe PDF document 8.27 Mb / in romanian
381 pages


streamlining management, Industry 4.0, digital agriculture, ICT, industrial revolution, industrial ecosystems, Blockchain, artificial intelligence, sustainable development, digital agricultural platforms


Structure of the thesis: Introduction, five chapters, general conclusions and recommendations, bibliography including 280 sources, 27 annexes, 260 pages of main text, 118 figures and 16 tables.

The results of the thesis have been published in over 50 scientific papers.

The purpose of the thesis lies in the development of the theoretical, methodological and applied foundations of the Industry 4.0 concept to streamline the management of the agricultural sector in the Republic of Moldova.

The objectives of the research: theoretical-conceptual substantiation of the notion Industry 4.0, Agriculture 4.0, Management 4.0 and their significance in streamlining the management of agricultural enterprises; systematization of Industry 4.0 tools that will lead to more efficient management in agriculture; assessment of the degree of national economy preparation for Industry 4.0 (international experience versus Republic of Moldova); diagnosing the digitization potential of agriculture in the Republic of Moldova; the analysis of the perception of Industry 4.0 by the entrepreneurs and managers of the agricultural enterprises and of the barriers that stand in the way of the implementation of the tools of Industry 4.0; diagnostic analysis of the conjuncture and development trends of the agricultural sector and analysis of management efficiency in Republic Moldova agriculture; policy analysis and directions of subsidization of national agricultural enterprises in order to stimulate innovation activities; interdependence analysis between the management based on the Industry 4.0 tools and the entreprises performance; identification of 4.0 management tools for streamlining management in the agricultural sector; developing a digital platform to increase the management efficiency and its testing; elaboration of the recommendations for removing the barriers that stand in the way of the Industry 4.0 implementation for streamlining the management of the agricultural enterprises.

The scientific novelty and originality of the thesis resides in the development of the theoretical-methodological basis of the concepts of industrial revolution, Industry 4.0, digital economy, digital agriculture, management 4.0, as well as the identification of the tools of management 4.0; identifying the degree of readiness of Moldovan economy for Industry 4.0; identifying the potential for digitization of Moldovan agriculture in order to use digital tools that would lead to more efficient management of agricultural enterprises; the empirical study on the degree of perception of the need for digitization and the barriers that stand in the way of the implementation of the new management model within domestic agricultural enterprises; determining the interdependence between the development model and the type of management used in agricultural enterprises and their performance, by applying mathematical analysis models; diagnosis of agricultural enterprises through digital analysis tools; development of the digital platform "BioFurage" and "SmartFarmer" to streamline management in the field of animal husbandry; elaboration of recommendations regarding the application of Industry tools. 4.0 in agricultural sector development policies.

The scientific results obtained have determined the creation of a new scientific direction to develop the management in the agricultural sector in the matter of Industry 4.0. As a result of the undertaken research, it was found that the digitalization of business and the implementation of Industry 4.0 products in the agricultural sector is an unexplored field in the literature and local management practice, but which ensures the sustainable development of the national economy by guaranteeing competitiveness and efficiency of the agricultural sector.

Theoretical significance. The research extends the conceptual and theoretical aspects of management streamlining in the agricultural sector in the context of Industry 4.0 framework, proposing theoretical approaches on economic development models in the conditions of industrial revolution and digitization of operations and relations between the main actors of sustainable economic growth. The formulated recommendations can be used by the enterprises in the agricultural sector, from different activity field or size, also by the governmental structures, academy and research institutions in Moldova.

The applicative value of the thesis is grounded on the results of studies conducted, which allow outlining the priority directions of business development in agriculture, and the digital models examined and developed by the author will ensure increased efficiency of agricultural sector management in the context of using the Industry 4.0.

The scientific results have been used in the research project within the National Program 20.80009.080722 "Development of the mechanism of formation of the circular economy in the Republic of Moldova", have been certified by the North Regional Development Agency, Agency for Payments and Intervention in Agriculture, SE “Selectia” Research Institute for Field Crops, and have been implemented in agricultural enterprises of the Republic of Moldova, such as: FIE “Moldova Zahar” LLC, JSC“Avicola”, LLC“Vara Milk”, LLC “Cromolagro”, LLC“DANT-AGRO”, LLC “SARURCON”.