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The social problems of a delinquent behavior among youth (based on sociological investigations conducted in the Republic of Moldova)

Author: Mariana Buciuceanu
Degree:doctor of sociology
Speciality: 22.00.04 - Social Structure, Social Institutions and Processes
Scientific adviser: Maria Bulgaru
doctor habilitat, professor, Moldova State University
Scientific council:


The thesis was presented on the 22 February, 2007
Approved by NCAA on the 19 April, 2007


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CZU 316.624-053.6(043.3)

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162 pages


deviance, juvenile delinquency, social problems, social order, social disorganization, criminalization, deviant behavior, social reintegration, personality of criminal, nonconformity, motivational system, system of sanctions, juvenile justice, probation etc.


This dissertation represents a complex interdisciplinary sociological investigation and puts into discussion issues related to the phenomenon of deviance and negative consequences resulted from the manifestations of delinquent behavior of youth. The theoretical base is supported by the scientific achievements in this area realized in our country and abroad. The results of dynamic interdisciplinary sociological studies conducted by the author at the regional and republican levels laid the foundation for the empirical base.

The Introduction argues on the contemporaneity of this topic, determines the object and subject of the research, specifies the aims and objectives of the research, identifies the methodology, evaluates the depth of the investigation, offers the argument for the scientific innovation and theoretical and practical importance of the given dissertation. The Introduction indicates the structure and complexity of the paper, as well as identifies the key words.

Chapter I, Theoretical foundations of the research in the area of delinquency, integrates the theoretical - methodological aspect of the paper: synthesizes and compares theories on deviance and its forms, especially the delinquency among youth; there are known already in practice and exposed on those interferences and lacking of the conceptual meanings and senses like: normal and deviant (or pathologic), social order / social disorder, rational / irrational etc. etc. The important thing being here, the image of the local youth reflected throughout the adequate characteristics, the general tendencies and existing problems of those at the actual existing level.

In Chapter II Socio-psychological aspects of normative-moral and behavioral deviations of youth, the author reveals etiological aspects of juvenile delinquency and its resonance on the youth behavior today. There are carried out some statements of the issues based on the facts which are true in the environment of the young delinquents impressed in the penitentiary places of the republic. It is drawn up the grounded way, mechanism and the same time the samples of a specific behavior of the young delinquents. The paper examines the national system of resociolization of young delinquents, its efficiency in its implementation: the reorientation of delinquent personality in favor of social, moral and legal norms.

Chapter III Social and legal measures of control and reduction of juvenile delinquency in the Republic of Moldova, makes an analytical synthesis of sociological studies carried out in the Republic at the regional and national level. It is stated the close relation which exists between the socially motivated factors, motives and reasons, delict, social reaction and the measures of prevention and control. By the means of the real and casual methods are related and analyzed the policies of social control and also their efficiency within the issue of the delinquent behavior among young people. The emphasis is laid on the examination of the youth attitude towards the pattern of crime among the young; identification of social preconceptions and behaviors towards delinquents etc. The above/stated major problem is placed to a quantity and quality analysis of the reflecting the problem of deviance and respectively of the juvenile delinquency in the national press and written mass-media.

Based on multisectoral theoretical-empirical research are drawn conclusions and recommendations in order to optimize the preventive policies aiming at reducing the delinquent behavior among youth.