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CNAA / Theses / 2007 / June /

Template synthesis and investigation of some 3d-elements coordination compounds with tetradentate ligands derived from alkylated thiosemicarbazide

Author: Maria Cocu
Degree:doctor of chemistry
Speciality: 02.00.01 - Inorganic chemistry
Scientific adviser: Nicolae Gărbălău
doctor habilitat, professor
Scientific consultant: Mihail Revenco
doctor habilitat, professor, Moldova State University
Scientific council:


The thesis was presented on the 8 June, 2007
Approved by NCAA on the 20 September, 2007


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CZU 541.49+546.56’73’74’881

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126 pages


Template synthesis; coordination compounds; macrocyclic compounds; chelate compounds; 3d-metal complexes; Schiff base; S-alkylisothiosemicarbazide


The thesis is devoted to the investigation of the template reactions of organic compounds derived from S-alkylisothiosemicarbazide and β-dicarbonilic compounds (acetyl(benzoyl)acetone, 2,6-diformylpiridine, 2,6-diformyl-4-methylfenol, 1-hydroxi-2-naphthaldehyde, nitromalonic dialdehyde, 1,1,3,3-tetraetoxipropane, 3-etoxiacroleine) in the presence of 3d-metal ions, determination of the structure and properties of the prepared complexes.

There were elaborated original methods for synthesis of 23 open-chain or macrocyclic coordination compounds of nickel(II), copper(II), oxovanadium(IV) and cobalt(II) with N4, N3O and N2O2 tetradentate ligands. Two types of hexaazamacrocyclic systems with trans- and cis- arrangement of thiosemicarbazide fragments have been obtained using template condensation of different precursors.

Plan-square or square-pyramidal structure of the obtained compounds has been established measuring the static magnetic susceptibility, studying the UV-VIS, IR, NMR spectra well as X-ray diffraction of some representatives.

It was shown, using mass-spectrometry method that structure of obtained coordination compounds in a gas phase completely correlates with their stereochemistry in crystal state.

The biostimulative properties of 12 complexes of nickel(II), copper(II), oxovanadium(IV) and cobalt(II) in the processes of biomass accumulation , and increase of enzymatic activity have been established.

Some complexes of nickel(II) based on of acetyl(benzoyl)acetone or 1-hydroxi-2-naphthaldehyde S-methylisothiosemicarbazone have been studied as coloring agents for plastic.

The results of this work were presented in 5 articles, 11 abstracts at different local and international conferences and one patent.