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CNAA / Theses / 2007 / May /

Elaboration of the technological procedures to obtain the quality of wines in the region of Plesna-Mindresti from Moldova’s forests

Author: Valerian Bejan
Degree:doctor of engineering
Speciality: 05.18.07 - Technology of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks
Scientific adviser: Boris Găina
doctor habilitat, professor
Institution: National Institute for Winegrowing and Winemaking
Scientific council:


The thesis was presented on the 30 May, 2007
Approved by NCAA on the 14 June, 2007


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CZU 663.252:547.973

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154 pages


the ampeloecological conditions, region, specter of microelements of wines, extract of the aromatic substances, processes of aroma, disacidification of wines, technological equipment, technological schemes, new marks of wine


which exist, in the whole complex of the stages of increase, harvesting – process of grapes and the achievement of the sorts of wine of the superior quality in the ecological – pedalogical conditions which are specific to the region of the wine-making Plesna-Mindresti from the central Moldova’s forests.

The dynamic of accumulation of the sugar and recession of the aciditation of the sap of grains and also the quality of the principal substance – grapes. The ampelo – ecologic potential let us to classify this region in row of those perspective from Republic of Moldova.

Among the varieties from the Vitis vinifera perspective spices for the region of Plesna-Mindresti the following ones are distinguished: Aligote, Chardonnay, Sauvingon, Traiminer and Muscat ottonel (white), Pinot noir and Merlot (red); Among new fields with the increased resistance to the biotical factors and non-biotical as a result of the fertilization for the ecological production were obtained at Negru de Ialoveni, Danco, Iubileinii Magaraci, Rubinovii Magaracia, Odeschii ranii and other.

The pedalogical conditions from the region of Plesna-Mindresti are more favorable by the achievement of the sorts of wines of the superior quality; in the process of study of the specter of the microelements, including heavy metal it is confirmed that their concentration is much more under the accepted limit by the international specialized institutions.

The increase of the flower aromas of the field one recommends to realize through the treatment of the wine material principal substance with ß – glycosidase.

The complex realization of the procedures of the increase of the concentration of the terpenes in the material wines principal substance with their biological disacidification is implemented through the administration in the same time of the ß – glycosidase and of the bacteriums of the fermentation in the technological optimal conditions.

The comparative study of the technological equipment of the process of the grapes of production ex-USSR with the most modern from the countries of European Unity has the permission to note the high quality of the implemented work at Velo, Pera, Vaslin Bucher, Europress and other. The mark obtained at the new lines contains in 2 6 times. less in comparison with the ex-USSR equipment. The fresh mark obtained by us has a consume of oxygen in the unity in 2 times less in comparison with that one of the ex-USSR production. The oxido –reductive potential of this mark comprises in the average 31 mv in comparison with 56 mv at the extract at the old lines.

The quality of white table wines and those material ones for the champagnization achieved at the lines Velo, appreciated in the period of 2000 2006 comprises the marks 7,82 8,15 in comparison with the lines VPL.

“The procedure of the achievement of the wines of the principal substance aromatic” was patented (No. 2005 0081 MD), the new marks of the wine-making production were elaborated, approved and implemented: “White from Telenesti”, wine of the superior quality, “Red from Mindresti” a table wine, “Noroc” wine of the current consume, “Muscat - Noroc”, sparkling wine, “Muscat - Noroc”, the basic wine and other.

“The plan of the technical and technological renovation of the wine factory S. A. “Noroc” in the project of the European Banc of Reconstruction and Development “Vinivest” has the volume of finances 750 thousand dollars USA