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Models and algorithms for the configuration of local area networks’ set of servers

Author: Ciumac Anatol
Degree:doctor of engineering
Speciality: 05.13.13 - Computers, computational systems and networks
Scientific adviser: Ion Bolun
doctor habilitat, professor
Scientific consultant: Anatol Popescu
doctor habilitat, professor, Technical University of Moldova
Scientific council:


The thesis was presented on the 30 November, 2007
Approved by NCAA on the 24 January, 2008


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CZU 681.324

Adobe PDF document 1.51 Mb / in romanian
142 pages


local area network, set of servers, physical configuration, model, algorithm, user request, request response time, costs


Taking into consideration the huge demand on market and large use of servers, doctoral thesis is dedicated to the investigation and elaboration of models and algorithms for physical configuration of local networks’ set of severs aiming to reduce costs and increase its efficiency. As factors for improving known models and algorithms are considered: the differentiation of user requests by efficiency and processing laboriousness; the rational distribution of user requests’ flows among servers and so on.

In paper some models are proposed, the problem is defined, analytical solutions for particular cases are obtained and algorithms for physical configuration of LANs’ set of severs are elaborated. As optimization criteria, the minimization of total costs with servers is used. The problem is formulated, analytical solutions for particular cases are obtained and algorithms for the optimal distribution of user requests’ flows among servers, aiming the minimization of mean response time to requests, are elaborated, too.

Calculus, done using the application ConfigServ, confirms the necessity of case dependent special investigations for LANs’ server set configuration. The selection from a reduced set of alternatives or the use of intuitive solutions can result with considerable supplementary costs.

Obtained analytical solutions and elaborated algorithms can be used for the configuration and efficient use of local area networks resources.