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Efficicient fucntionning mechanism of the agricultural sector

Author: Stratan Alexandru
Degree:doctor habilitat of economics
Speciality: 08.00.05 - Economy and Management (in branch)
Scientific consultant: Petru Ţurcanu
doctor habilitat, professor, Agrarian State University of Moldova
Scientific council:


The thesis was presented on the 25 January, 2008
Approved by NCAA on the 17 April, 2008


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CZU 338.43.01 (478)

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287 pages


economic evolution, functioning mechanism, economic processes, model, system treatment, quality, price, export, import, profit, expenditures, efficiency, agricultural policies, subsidizing


The aim and tasks of the given thesis consist in investigating and developing the theoretical, methodological and practical aspects, relevant for synthesizing those efficient functioning mechanisms, that would ensure the efficiency growth of the productive potential of the agroindustrial complex and, implicitly, of the agriculture of the Republic of Moldova.

For these reasons, on the basis of investigations, issue analysis and history, the concept of economic functioning mechanism, its principles and components have been studied thoroughly and developed; there have been elaborated methods and modalities of sector functioning; the theoretical and practical aspect of the economic policies in the field has been investigated; there was elaborated a system of interconnected economical and mathematical models allowing to obtain some important conclusions in order to develop dynamically the agricultural sector; one has defined more accurately the indicators to estimate the comparative efficiency of some agricultural cultures in the Republic of Moldova, as well as their level of contribution to the development of the branch; the existing challenges in the development of the domestic agriculture have been elucidated; one suggests some mechanisms and ways to settle these problems. The history, the institutional and organizational framework of the common agricultural policy, the national and international experience regarding the elaboration and use of EU and USA agricultural policies, as well the possibilities for their adaptation to the conditions of the Republic of Moldova have been studied.

On the basis of graphic interpretations, cybernetic, economic and mathematical models, we investigated in the dissertation the cycle of economic activities of the value chain, this serving as a base for the elaboration of an economic strategy to stabilize the branch functioning in prospect.

A great attention is paid to the problems concerning the elaboration of new approaches to the methodology of profit distribution among the participants of the value chain „agriculture-processing-trade”, the establishing of the methodology to direct the economic policies towards the quality product growth.

The paper’s investigation subject is the economic aspect of the agriculture of the Republic of Moldova. The suggested objective for the research – completing the scientific base that would ensure the increase of economic efficiency in agriculture through economic mechanisms. Besides the above mentioned, in the dissertation, some directions concerning the complex treatment of agrifood products issue, the improvement of the animal production program methodology, the correlation of the need in animal products with the vegetal production possibilities have been proposed.

The thesis could serve as methodological support for the decision making factors and enterprises of the agroindustrial complex, the economic scientific and university environment.