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Scientific Advisers: O

16 persons have been authorized with the right of scientific adviser/consultant of doctoral thesis.

Dg Name Institution Specialties Doctoral StudentsD Postdoctoral StudentsDH Personnel
D Objelean NicolaeUSM 01.05.01      
DH Obuh PetruInstitute of Ecology and ... 03.00.16     1
D Odagiu IurieAcademy "Stefan cel Mare"... 12.00.08     2
D Oglindă EmiliaUSM 10.02.01      
DH Ogurţov IvanUSM 02.00.04      
DH Ohrimenco SergheiAcademy of Economic Studi... 08.00.13, 01.05.05     1
D Olărescu DumitruInstitute of Cultural Her... 17.00.01     1
D Olarescu ValentinaChisinau Pedagogical Stat... 19.00.10     1
D Onofraş LeonidInstitute of Microbiology... 03.00.07      
DH Onofrei AlexandruUSM 08.00.05, 08.00.14      
DH Opopol NicolaeNicolae Testemitanu State... 14.00.07     5
DH Oprea NicolaeNicolae Testemitanu State... 14.00.18      
D Orlov MariaAcademy "Stefan cel Mare"... 12.00.02     3
D Osmochescu NicolaeUSM 12.00.10     8
D Osoianu TudorAcademy "Stefan cel Mare"... 12.00.08     1
DH Ostrofeţ GheorgheNicolae Testemitanu State... 14.00.07     1