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Scientific Advisers: V

35 persons have been authorized with the right of scientific adviser/consultant of doctoral thesis.

Dg Name Institution Specialties Doctoral StudentsD Postdoctoral StudentsDH Personnel
D Vaculenco MaximTechnical University of ... 05.02.02      
D Vaculovschi DorinAcademy of Economic Studi... 08.00.05      
DH Valica VladimirState University of Medic... 15.00.01     3
D Varta IonInstitute of History, Aca... 07.00.02     2
DH Varzari PantelimonInstitute of Legal and Po... 23.00.01     3
DH Vasilescu GrigoreUSM 23.00.04      
D Vasiliev MariaTechnical University of ... 13.00.08      
DH Vasilos LiubovState University of Medic... 14.00.09     1
DH Vataman EleonoraPublic Medico-Sanitary In... 14.00.06     2
D Vataman VladimirState University of Medic... 14.00.15      
D Vatavu AlexandruChisinau Pedagogical Stat... 13.00.02      
DH Veliksar SofiaInstitute of Genetics, Ph... 06.01.04      
D Velişco NadejdaUSM 13.00.02      
D Verebceanu GalactionInstitute of Philology, ... 10.02.01      
DH Verega GrigoreState University of Medic... 14.00.22      
D Verejan NicolaeUSM 08.00.05      
D Verejan OlegAcademy of Economic Studi... 08.00.11      
D Verlan VictorInstitute of Applied Phys... 01.04.10      
D Vicol NeluInstitute of Education S... 13.00.01      
D Vîrlan MariaChisinau Pedagogical Stat... 19.00.07      
D Vizdoaga TatianaUSM 12.00.08      
DH Vizir PavelUSM 09.00.08     2
DH Vişnevschi AnatolieState University of Medic... 14.00.16, 14.00.36      
DH Vlad PavelInstitute of Chemistry, A... 02.00.10     4
DH Voineac VasileInstitute of Genetics, Ph... 06.01.11      
D Volcinschi VictorUSM 12.00.03     8
DH Volconovici LiviuAgrarian State University... 05.20.02, 05.14.08     1
D Volontir NinaTiraspol State University 13.00.02      
DH Voloşciuc LeonidInstitute of Genetics, Ph... 06.01.11      
D Vornic VladimirInstitute of Cultural Her... 07.00.06      
DH Vovc VictorState University of Medic... 14.00.16     1
D Vrancean VasileAgrarian State University... 06.02.02      
D Vudu LorinaState University of Medic... 14.00.03      
D Vulpe AnaInstitute of Philology, ... 10.02.01      
DH Vulpe NicolaeInstitute of Mathematics ... 01.01.02     1