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Scientific Advisers: J

10 persons have been authorized with the right of scientific adviser/consultant of doctoral thesis.

Dg Name Institution Specialties Doctoral StudentsD Postdoctoral StudentsDH Personnel
DH Jacotă (decedat) Anatol Institute of Genetics and... 03.00.15, 03.00.12     4
D Jalencu MarianUSM 08.00.05      
DH Jelescu PetruChisinau Pedagogical Stat... 19.00.07     2
D Jigau GheorgheUSM 03.00.27     1
D Jitaru RaisaInstitute of Applied Phys... 01.04.10      
D Josan NicolaeTechnical University of ... 08.00.05     2
DH Josan NicolaeAgrarian State University... 16.00.03      
DH Jovmir VasilePublic Medical Sanitary I... 14.00.14     3
DH Juc VictorEuropean Integration and ... 23.00.01     1
D Jurat ValeriuNational Institute of Phy... 13.00.04