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Theses, March 2011

Theses [21]

Gr Title Domain Approval date
D Systemic Representation of the Comic Category in Discourse philology 31.03.2011
10.02.05 - Romance Languages (with specification of language)
D Anxiety at contemporaneous preadolescent and methods to diminish it. psychology 31.03.2011
19.00.07 - Pedagogical Psychology, Psychology of Development, Psychology of Personality
D The management restructuring and perfecting in local public administration (Techirghiol city hall) economics 31.03.2011
08.00.05 - Economy and Management (in branch)
D Homeostatic disorders of macro- and microelements in patients with chronic viral hepatitis C medicine 31.03.2011
14.00.05 - Internal Diseases (with specification: Pulmonology, Gastroenterology, Hepatology, Nephrology, Functional Diagnostics and Endoscopy)
D Study and selection of autochthonous yeast strains for sparkling wine production engineering 31.03.2011
05.18.07 - Technology of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks
D Etiopathogenetical and curative aspects of the corneal ulcer medicine 31.03.2011
14.00.08 - Ophthalmology
D Preparation of ITO-nSi solar cells with enlarged area and the study of their properties engineering 31.03.2011
01.04.10 - Semiconductors physics and engineering
D Memory switching phenomenon in Ag-(As-S-Ge) superionic chalcogenides based structures physics and mathematics 31.03.2011
01.04.10 - Semiconductors physics and engineering
D Constructions of algebraic structures on compactifications of topological algebras physics and mathematics 31.03.2011
01.01.04 - Geometry and topology
D The construction of the Green’s matrices by incompressible influence elements method, physics and mathematics 31.03.2011
01.04.27 - Mechanics of deformable solids
D Teaching strategies in training of computer science teachers and informational and communicational technologies pedagogics 31.03.2011
13.00.02 - Theory and Methodology of Instruction (on disciplines)
D Singularly perturbed Cauchy problems of hyperbolic-parabolic type physics and mathematics 31.03.2011
01.01.02 - Differential equations
D Electrochemical Formation of Wear-Resistance Iron Composition with High-Strength Microparticles. engineering 31.03.2011
02.00.05 - Electrochemistry
D Soviet state policy in higher history education between the years 1944-1965. (Based on materials from MSSR), history 31.03.2011
07.00.03 - World History (with specification of time period)
D Increase of enterprise’s competitiveness through the implementation of performing management (on the basis of materials from the Light Industry from the Republic of Moldova) economics 31.03.2011
08.00.05 - Economy and Management (in branch)
D Metaphor and Textuality: Issues of Interpretation and Translation philology 31.03.2011
10.02.04 - Germanic Languages (with specification of language)
D The Impact of the educational stress over pupils in corelation with biological rhythms biology 31.03.2011
03.00.13 - Human and animal physiology
D Surgical treatment of acetabular fractures medicine 31.03.2011
14.00.22 - Orthopedics and Traumatology
D Аssessment of informatization impact on development of economic activities in Republic of Moldova economics 31.03.2011
08.00.13 - Economico-Mathematical Methods
D Modeling of electronic characteristics of power transistors and photoelectric converters in linearly-hyperbolic approximation engineering 31.03.2011
05.27.01 - Solid State Electronics, Microelectronics and Nanoelectronics
D Fabrication and study of low-dimensional structures based on GaN engineering 31.03.2011
01.04.10 - Semiconductors physics and engineering